Binance Pay Learn & Earn Quiz | Share $1000 BUSD Vouchers

Binance Pay Learn & Earn

Binance Pay learn & earn quiz answers: A new event officially posted on Binance Africa’s Twitter handle. This is a learn-and-earn event in which $1000 BUSD cash vouchers are to be shared.

To qualify for this campaign, you need to answer some questions correctly and follow Binance’s social media handles. 100 eligible winners will get $10 worth of cash rewards.

The winners will be announced on Binance Africa’s Twitter handle. All Binancians can submit the quiz form from 24th January 2023 till the campaign ends. 

Also, another campaign is running where you can win a free BTC trial subscription plan if you give the right Binance dual investment quiz answers.

Participate And Win BUSD Worth $10

1. First open the Binance pay quiz form.

2. Complete all social media tasks: following Binance Africa Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, 

3. Enter your Binance UID, your Twitter/Facebook username, and give the answers.

4. Submit the quiz form. Done!

5. Winners will be announced on Binance Africa Twitter page.

6. 100 random eligible users will get $10 BUSD from $1000 prize pool.

Binance Pay Learn & Earn Answers

Note: Please do your own research too before submitting the answers.

Q1. With Binance Pay, you can:

  • a. Top up your mobile phone
  • b. Make crypto transfer
  • c. Fund your Trust wallet
  • d. All are correct

Ans: Option d

Q2. On Binance Pay, you can change your preferred cryptocurrency payment order for a transaction during your payment checkout.

  • a. True
  • b. False

Ans: Option a

Q3. Binance Pay supports over:

  • a. 200+ cryptocurrencies
  • b. 330+ cryptocurrencies
  • c. 270+ cryptocurrencies
  • d. None of the above

Ans: Option d

Q4. How much is the transaction fee for Binance Pay?

  • a. $1 per transaction
  • b. No fees
  • c. $0.05 per transaction
  • d. $0.5 per transaction

Ans: Option b