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Tata 1mg Quiz-A-Tomy Answers: Win Upto ₹400 Vouchers

Tata 1mg Quiz

Tata 1mg Quiz-A-Tomy Answers – Participate in the contest and stand a chance to win exciting offers of up to ₹400 on medicine orders on Tata 1mg.

This is an official quiz where you just need to submit a simple quiz form with a correct answer, your name, and email id that is registered on the Bigbasket app.

Every participant of the quiz-a-tomy contest will be eligible to win offers of up to ₹400 on medicine orders for free. The contest will end on 12th August 2022. 

Lucky winners will get up to ₹400 offers on medicine orders. Participants will be informed through SMS from 1mg and receive the prize accordingly.

The contest will be run from 8th August to 12th August 2022. Quiz answers are given below, 5 minutes to unlock additional savings on medicines in just a few taps.

How To Play Quiz & Win Offers?

1. Tap on the link given below and download or update the Tata 1mg app.

2. Signup using mobile number and email id and the referral code (LHKJ33).

3. You must have a valid registered account on the platform and log in to the same.

4. Now take the Tata 1mg quiz-a-tomy contest.

5. Enter your email address, and quiz answers and submit them.

6. You need to submit the answer with a valid email id registered with Tata 1mg.

7. Lucky winners will win exciting offers of up to ₹400 on medicine orders on Tata 1mg.

Tata 1mg Quiz Answers

Q1) Pick the most common symptom of typhoid fever?

Answer: Stepladder fever

Q2) Which of these is helpful when suffering from a runny nose?

Answer: Rest and plenty of fluid intake

Q3) Which amongst these is the best source of Vitamin C?

Answer: Star fruit

Q4) During monsoon, you should avoid green, leafy vegetables!

Answer: True

Q5) If given proper care and attention, you can avoid

Answer: All of the above

Q6) We all know that mosquitos spread malaria! But, do you know the causative germ behind it?

Answer: Protozoan parasite

Q7) Constipation, sure is no fun. Which among these helps in providing relief from constipation?

Answer: Fiber rich food

Q8) What is your best bet to save yourself from monsoon illnesses?

Answer: Both of them

Q9) High fever and muscle aches shouldn’t be ignored! These can also be symptoms of?

Answer: Malaria

Q10) What is the major cause of acne during the monsoon?

Answer: All of the above