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Sperax Play Airdrop: Earn 24 Sperax Token Worth $3+ Daily

Sperax Play Invitation Code

Sperax Play Invitation Code 1c1ee107ffa349: Earn 24 Sperax token worth $3.3 plus daily. In this airdrop, you will earn 24 Sperax tokens worth more than $3 daily.

There is no need to complete any trade or hold any crypto to get Sperax tokens worth $3 or more. You just need to signup and collect your rewards every day.

Earlier we had published about Hi Token Airdrop where users are earning 1 Hi token worth $0.7 daily and $0.5 worth Hi token for each referral.

Sperax Play is where you unlock rewards, track your crypto wallet, and connect with friends. It is a multi-currency digital wallet with an intuitive user experience.

It uses a smooth payment system that applies to various currencies and a private key that is unique to yourself so that you can make settlement without a third-party.

You can also invite your friends to the Sperax play app and earn 30 Sperax tokens for each successful referral when your friend downloads the app and signup.

Signup & Earn Sperax Token Worth $3+ Daily

1) Visit the link given below and download the Sperax Play App.

2) Open the app and tap on the sign up option given below.

3) Enter your name, country, phone number and invitation code given below.

Sperax Play Invitation Code: 1c1ee107ffa349

4) Set the password and then verify your mobile number with the OTP.

5) Enter your email address and complete your email verification.

6) Now create and set up a 6 digit PIN for the secutity purpose.

7) In the next step tap on create a new wallet option.

Sperax Play Airdrop

8) Now note down the passphrase or words in order as given on your screen. 

Note: Note down immediately. This is your wallet recovery phrase.

9) Now tap on ‘copy to clipboard’ and paste your passphrase in the next step. 

Sperax Play Airdrop

10) Here you need to paste your passphrase. Done!! Your account is ready. 

11) Go to ‘Earn xp’ section and tap on the ‘Activate’ button after every 24 hours.

12) You will start earning 24 Sperax tokens worth more than $3 daily.

Sperax Play Invitation Code

13) Also Invite your friends to the Sperax Paly & earn +30 XP for each referral.