Paytm Cadbury Choclairs Birthday Bash Cashback Offer

Paytm Choclairs Birthday Bash

Participate in the paytm cadbury choclairs offer and win free up to ₹10,000 cashback. Grab a cadbury choclairs gold and enter the lot code to win bumper prizes.

This is a promo offer from cadbury brand and Paytm where you can stand a chance to win free gaming console or assured ₹5 paytm cash.

To participate you must have a paytm account. If you do not have then create one from the link which is given below. Winning cashback will be credited to your paytm wallet.

Win ₹5 Paytm Cash From Choclairs Birthday Bash Quiz

1. Go to paytm choclairs birthday bash offer page from the below link.

2. Submit your name, email id and paytm mobile number.

3. Now enter your date of birthday by selecting date, month and year.

4. You will get choclairs birthday bash quiz, select answers accordingly.

5. Then open camera and upload any 3 pic.

6. You will get ₹5 paytm cashback within 24 to 48 hours.

Upto ₹500 Paytm Cashback From Cadbury Choclairs

this offer is over now

1. Open the Paytm app and search for choclairs cashback offer on the homepage.

2. Tap on the ‘participate’ button and then enter all the details that are asked.

3. Sumbit your Paytm mobile number, name, email id and agree to the terms and conditions.

4. If you are lucky you may win free Paytm cashback, most of the people are getting ₹10.

5. Now you will be asked to enter the choclairs code, submit any one of the code given below.

Codes: C2B215/C2B216/C2B217

6. Spin the wheel and win ₹100 or ₹500 Paytm cash, free ticket to factory, or better luck next time.

Paytm Cash From Batman Choclairs Offer

this offer is over now

Buy a choclairs toffee, scan the QR code to participate in this Paytm cashback offer.

Enter your name, mobile number, email address, and tap on enter gotham city.

Now tap on each choclairs toffee and answer the riddles questions correctly.

Done! If you are lucky you will get ₹10 Paytm cash or other discount vouchers.

Buy a Cadbury choclairs gold toffee to get a lot code and win free trip to Gotham city.

Submit the code and unlock your rewards like discount vouchers or a free ticket.

Cadbury Choclairs Quiz Answers

Q1) Vengeance is his driving force, his motives stemming from his kin, yet letting nature take its course is not in his, he fights to win.

Answer: The Batman

Q2) In shadows he hides, not a soul by his side, and when he speeds across Gotham, it is this that he drives.

Answer: Batmobile

Q3) If you have one, you want one more. Every bite opens a new door. So unwrap this candy and get to the core.

Answer: Choclairs

Q4) It is a sin to be so deliciously sweet, yet even a superhero cannot resist such a treat.

Answer: Choclairs