Paytm Bournvita Quiz Answers: Win Flat ₹10 Cashback Free

Paytm Bournvita Quiz Answers

Paytm Bournvita Quiz Answers: Get free ₹10 Paytm cashback instantly in your Paytm wallet plus get a free parenting e-book. This offer is almost valid for all users.

Take the Paytm Bournvita mental health quiz, physical health quiz, nutritional health quiz, or education quiz and flat ₹10 Paytm cashback in your Paytm wallet instantly.

It’s time we paid closer attention to our children’s mental health so here is the Bournvita Mann Ki Tayyari new offer in association with Paytm.

It can be difficult to understand how to handle such sensitive situations. You just need to select some simple quz answers and you will able to win free paytm cash in your wallet.

Take Paytm Bournvita Quiz & Earn ₹10 Paytm Cash

1) Open the app, log in to your account and search for bournvita offer banner.

2) You can also visit the link given below to go to paytm bournvita offer page.

3) Enter your name, email (optional), Paytm mobile number and tap on ‘start preparing’.

4) Select any one topic: mental health, physical health, nutritional health, or education.

5) Now you need to answer two simple quiz questions related to the topic you selected.

6) After completing the quiz you will get the ‘claim your rewards’ option.

7) Done! you will get ₹10 Paytm cashback in your Paytm wallet within 48 hours.

Physical Health Quiz Answers

Q1) Which of the following is True?

Answer: Through yoga and meditation, children learn to cope with intense emotions, accept themselves, build self reliance and confidence, control their movement and balance, and have a more profound respect for their bodies.

Q2) Should screen time for children be restricted?

Answer: Yes, a significant increase in the screen time has caused incidence of social anxiety and psychological therapies in the children

Mental Health Quiz Answers

Q1) What is mental health?

Answer: Mental health is referred to as emotional or psychological well being.

Q2) Why is Good mental health important in children?

Answer: Can live positive experiences