Paytm Bisleri Cashback Offer: Earn Free Paytm Cash

Paytm Bisleri Cashback Offer

Paytm Bisleri Cashback Offer: Scan QR Code and earn free up to ₹20 Paytm Cashback. You just need to scan the Paytm QR Code to unlock the tasks.

Paytm is back again with another offer with Bisleri named Paytm & Bisleri Cashback Offer. Users need to scan the QR code printed on Navneet products & can get free ₹20.

We have already provided you with the Paytm Bisleri cashback QR Code so there is no need to purchase a separate Bisleri products for this offer.

Scan the Paytm Bisleri QR Code you will get many tasks to perform like send money to bank account, invite your friends to Paytm app, do mobile recharge, etc.

You just need to unlock all these tasks or any of these tasks as mentioned you you scan the Bisleri Scan QR Code. Paytm Bisleri Scan QR Code is given below.

Earlier we had published about Free Paytm Cash Miss Call Offer where users got free Rs.10 Paytm cashback. Try it now and get free Paytm cash.

Now in today’s post, you can earn free Rs.20 Paytm cashback by scanning Paytm Bisleri QR Code. Unlock tasks and earn Paytm cashback.

Scan Paytm Bisleri Cashback QR Code & Earn Upto ₹20

1) No need to purchase any Besleri products from the store.

2) Open the Paytm app and scan the Paytm Cashback QR Code given below.

Paytm Bisleri Cashback Offer

3) You will get banner of ₹20 Paytm cash. Scroll down & complete the tasks.

4) Complete any one of the tasks you got like send money, scan & pay, etc.

Note: Everyone will get different tasks.

5) You will receive up to ₹20 cashback directly in your UPI linked account.

6) Done !! You got free Rs.20 Paytm Cashback in your bank account.

7) Cashback will be credited within 48 hours after the cashback event is triggered.

8) The offer is valid till 31st March 2022.

9) You can scan the QR code more than once if you are eligible for multiple offers.