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Orpat Calculation Guru Quiz Answers: Win Scientific Calculator

Orpat Calculation Guru

Orpat Calculation Guru Quiz Answers – Participate in the quiz, give all correct answers and stand a chance to win free scientific calculators daily. 

Earlier we have made you familiar with many contest offers and here is another official offer from orpat company here everyone can participate in this contest and win prizes.

To participate in the quiz, you need to enter your details and answer six simple questions correctly to win the rewards. Orpat quiz answers are given below.

Everyday winners will be selected by lucky draw and will be announced on the orpat Instagram account page. Grab this chance and win scientific calculators for free.

How To Participate In The Orpat Quiz?

1) Tap on the link given below to visit the orpat calculation guru contest page.

2) Tap on the ‘participat’e button and enter your name and mobile number.

3) Submit details and now tap on the ‘take a quiz’ button and submit the answers.

4) Select all correct options carefully because you cannot undo the answers.

5) You will get points on the basis of your correct answers, so attempt carefully.

6) Done! Winners will be announced on the orpat Instagram account page daily.

7) Winners will be selected by lucky draw and each will win a scientific calculator.

Orpat Calculation Ka Guru Quiz Answers

1. Who is known as the father of Indian engineering? 

Answer: Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

2. Which is the tallest statue in the world? 

Answer: Statue of Unity

3. Which is the first hanging bridge in India?

Answer: Vidyasagar Setu

4. (a+b)2=? 

Answer: a2+2ab+b2 

5. x + 3 = 5? 

Answer: 2

6. What is the factorial of 5? 

Answer: 120