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Cred Rs.11 Sale Today | Nike Shoes, boAt Earphones, Gopro Camera

Cred Rs.11 Sale Today – Get Nike shoes, boat bassheads earphones, gopro camera at just  Rs 11 from the cred store. This sale will go live on 1st August and will remain live till 10th August 2022.

Every day till 10th August only 3 units of Nike air jordan bordeaux shoes and gopro camera and 100 units of boat earphones will be sold at Rs 11. Cred will launch this sale from 1st August at 8 pm.

This sale will be mostly a flash sale, so if you are lucky then you may get Nike shoes, boat earphones, gopro camera at Rs 11 and the actual price of these products are much higher.

For every transaction you do on the cred app you earn coins. The coins can be used to win exclusive rewards, big prizes, and offers. 

CRED ₹11 Products

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Bordeaux Shoes @ ₹11 – only 3 units

  • Boat Bassheads Earphones @ ₹11 – only 500 units

  • Gopro hero 8 black @ ₹11 – only 3 units

Nike Shoes, boAt Earphones, Gopro Camera @ ₹11

1) Tap on the button given below and update the cred app to latest version.

2) Open the app and signup as a new account or login in to your old account.

3) Now go to the ‘shop section’ and search for the fastest fingers first ₹11 sale banner.

4) There are total 3 upcoming ₹11 sale, nike shoes, boat earphones and gopro camera.

  • Nike shoes sale will go live today, 1st August at 8 PM
  • Boat bassheads earphones sale will go on 2nd August at 8 PM

  • Gopro hero 8 black camera sale will go on 3rd August at 8 PM

5) Tap on ‘notify’ button so that you receive a notification before the sale starts.

6) Sale will go live from 1st August till 10th August 2022 every day at 8 PM.

7) This will be mostly a flash sale and only linited products will be sold at Rs 11.

8) Once the sale goes live, add the product to the cart and place the order.

Important Points

  • You’ll be on CRED store before 8 PM. but remember to refresh it at 8 PM, as well.
  • Set a reminder, in case you haven’t made the smarter decision of asking to notify you between 6 & 7 PM.

  • Situate yourself in a place where the internet is on your side.

  • Once you make it all the way to checkout, complete your payment without closing the app or forgetting to come back.
  • Be on time, every day, for the rest of your life. or just until August 10th, to CRED store, at 8 PM.