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Myubi App Airdrop | No KYC

Myubi App

Myubi App Airdrop: It is a revolutionary service that delivers a daily cryptocurrency income straight to your mobile device.

It was created to help the poorer communities of the world by providing a daily income to those who need it most. Getting your Myubi daily income is free.

Verified participants on this network can claim a daily UBI of MYUBI cryptocurrency, over our 20-year program.

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Steps To Join This Airdrop

1. Download the MYUBI app and login with your google account.

2. Now create a new wallet by clicking on ‘create a new wallet’ option.

3. Then backup your wallet and save your secret key somewhere offline.

4. Tap on the claim button, it will redirect you to verify your phone number.

5. Now, verify your phone/mobile number.

6. Finally click on claim button and you will get MYG token worth 5.50 USD.

7. You can claim daily and earn huge profits in the future.

8. Don’t forget to claim your income every day from this app.

9. Also share this post with your friends and share this earning offer.