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Coinbase Wallet Free NFT: Kathakali Dancers NFT

Coinbase Wallet Free NFT

Coinbase Wallet Free NFT: Claim free Kathakali Dancers NFT using your Coinbase wallet, a special-edition NFT designed by Mumbai-based artist Sajid Wajid Shaikh and minted by Polygon.

Polygon NFTs are now viewable in Coinbase Wallet’s mobile app and browser extension. Only Coinbase Wallet holders are eligible to claim NFT. Limited quantities available & only available while supplies last. 

The Kathakali NFT reflects an intersection of historic and emerging art forms. Designed by Mumbai- based eDAO artist and white noise cofounder and rendered by Kashish Arora.

How To Claim NFT Using Coinbase Wallet?

1) First, download the Coinbase Wallet from the play store.

2) Then, create a new Coinbase Wallet if you don’t have.

3) Pick your nickname and proceed to the next step.

4) Now create a pin and protect your wallet.

5) Then backup your wallet.

6) Create a password for your coinbase wallet.

7) Copy the below link and paste in your Coinbase Wallet Dapp section.

Claim Link : http://matic.coinbasewalletnft.io

8) Now you will see free NFT claim button, tap on it and claim it.

9) To claim you have to connect your Coinbase Wallet, so just tap on it.

10) Go through simple human verification process.

11) Done! finally you have claimed your free Coinbase NFT.