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Play Jio UltraTech Quiz & Win Free 1GB Data

Jio Ultra Tech Cement Quiz Answers

Participate in the Jio UltraTech Baat Ghar ki campaign by giving correct myjio ultratech cement quiz answers and stand a chance to win free 1 GB Reliance Jio data.

Today Jio has launched a new offer with ultratech cement where users need to watch short videoes, complete the quiz related to home building to win prizes.

Take the planning quiz, choosing land quiz, budgeting quiz, selecting team quiz, selecting material quiz, supervising work quiz, or moving in quiz and submit correct answers.

Mainly two tasks that need to be completed. One is watching videos and the other is playing quizzes. Also, share this offer with your friends and let them enjoy free Jio data too!

Win 1GB Free From UltraTech Cement Offer

1) Tap on the button given below and download or update the MyJio app.

2) Open the app and login using your Jio registered mobile/phone number.

3) Now proceed to the Jio engage games and tap on ‘UltraTech Baat Ghar ki’ banner.

4) Select one topic from the given list; planning, choosing land, budgeting, etc.

5) Watch videoes related to the topic you selected, watch entirely and then take the quiz.

6) Answer the quiz questions correctly and stand a chance to win free 1GB Jio data.

7) Now watch the every topic one by one and complete all the quizzes related to it.

8) MyJio UltraTech Cement quiz answers are given below, scroll the page to see them.

9) After completing the quizzes you may receive free 1GB Reliance Jio data.

Jio UltraTech Cement Quiz Answers

Planning Quiz Answers

Q1) Galat ventilation se ghar me fungus bhad sakta hai?

Answer: True

Q2) Bhukamprodhak construction mein darwaazein aur khidkiyaan corner mein honi chahiye?

Answer: False 

Q3) Ghar ka plan kise banana chahiye?

Answer: Architect

Q4) Kya hai NOC ka full Form?

Answer: No Objection Certificate

Q5) Ani-termite treatment kab Karte hai?

Answers: Neev Bichane Se Pehle

Q6) Peene ke paani aur sewage ke pipes aas paas hone chahiye

Answer: False

Choosing Land Quiz Answers

Q1) Plat Bhookamp prabhavit chetra main hona chaiye?

Answer: False

Q2) Ye document ghar ka ownership ke barien batata hain?

Answer: Title Deed

Q3) Title deed mein kiska naam hota hai?

Answer: Plot Bechne Wale

Budgeting Quiz Answers

Q1) E.M.I ka full form hai Equated Monthly Installment

Answer: True

Q2) Painting aur electrical kam ka budget apke gahr ke main budget main included hona chaiye?

Answer: True

Selecting Team Quiz Answers

Q1) Gar banane ka Contract kiske beech hota hai?

Answer: Home Owner Aur Contractor

Selecting Material Quiz Answers

Q1) Gudvatta ke hisab se do acchi einton ke takrav par kaisa awaaz aati hai?

Answer: Metalic Aawaz

Q2) Manufactured sand ecofriendly hota hai?

Answer: True

Q3) Steel rod par kaunsa mark check karna chahiye?

Answer: ISI Mark

Q4) Construction mein kaunsa paani istemaal hota hai?

Answer: Drinkable Water

Q5) PPC cement ye ek blended cement hai?

Answer: True

Q6) Tiles Lagane ke liye kya behtar hai?

Answer: Tile Adhesive

Q7) Gar banate waqt reti main impurities hone chahihye?

Answer: False

Supervising Work Quiz Answers

Q1) Damproofing kis par ki jati hai?

Answer: Foundation Pe

Q2) Flooring mortar ke upar ki jaati hai?

Answer: True

Q3) Concrete ko drum mixer mein kitni der mix karein?

Answer: 2 Min

Q4) Tiles set hone ke kitne time baad tile grout istemaal karne chahiye?

Answer: 24 hours

Q5) Bijli ke khatre se bachne ke liye kya behtar hai?

Answer: Fuse

Q6) Agar cement kam matra mein istemaal karna ho, to kya chunein?

Answer: Manual Mixing

Q7) Shuttering se concrete ko Aakar milta hai?

Answer: True

Q8) Backfilling mein kitne motai ki parat honi chahiye?

Answer: 10 Inch

Q9) Concrete bante hi use kitne time mein istemaal karna chaiye?

Answer: 30 Min

Q10) Plastering ke baad curing karna chahiye?

Answer: True

Q11) Conctete mix ko sahi tarike se transport karna chahiye taki mixture bigade nahin?

Answer: True

Q12) Wetcovering kaunse structure par karte hain?

Answer: Slab

Q13) Construction site par live wires khule na chhodein?

Answer: True

Q14) Compacting se concrete ke andar ke air bubbles nikal jaate hain?

Answer: True

Q15) Barish mein cement ko kiske madad se dhakate hain?

Answer: Tarpauline

Q16) Ghar Mein seelan sirf chhat se Ghus Sakti hai?

Answer: False

Moving In Quiz Answers

Q1) POP stands for?

Answer: Plaster of Paris

Q2) Rainwater harvesting se Kiska star Badhta hai?

Answer: Ground Water

Q3) Painting is primarily used for what purpose in home building?

Answer: Beautification