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MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Offer: Win Free Jio Data/Recharge

MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Code

MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Code C2B215: Enter choclairs gold 6 digit lot code and get a chance to win a free trip to Gotham city or free Jio data or 3 months Jio recharge.

This is an official promotional offer from cadbury and Jio named ‘Cadbury Choclairs Gold Contest’ where you can stand a chance to win exciting rewards.

Cadbury choclairs gold contest offer will start on 29th April 2022 and will end on 31st May 2022. Grab a choclairs gold to participate in the contest and win exciting rewards.

Recently we have posted Instant Prize League Fever FM where you can win Paytm cashback or bumper prizes like bluetooth headphones B-2S, RD portable bluetooth speaker.

To participate in the cadbury choclairs gold offer you need to purchase a prom pack of choclairs gold to get a 6 digit lot code and enter the lot code to enter the contest.

If you are chosen as a winner then you will win a free trip to Gotham city at warner bros world, Abu Dhabi during the program period, free Jio data, free 3 months Jio recharge.

MyJio Choclairs Riddler's Riddle Answers

1) Riddle Quiz: In shadows he hides, not a soul by his side, and when he speeds across Gotham, it is this that he drives.

Answer: Batmobile

2) Riddle Quiz: Vengeance is his driving force, his motives stemming from his kin, yet letting nature take its course is not in his kin, he fights to win.

Answer: The Batman

3) Riddle Quiz: It is a sin to be so deliciously sweet, yet even a superhero cannot resist such a treat.

Answer: Choclairs

4) Riddle Quiz: If you have one, you want one more, every bite opens a new door. So unwarp this candy and get to the core. 

Answer: Choclairs

How To Participate In MyJio Choclairs Gold Offer?

1) Tap on the button given below and download or update the MyJio app.

2) Open the app and login using your registered Jio mobile number or email id.

3) Now go to the Jio engage section and tap on Cadbury choclairs offer banner.

4) Tap on let’s play and enter your name, mobile number, email id and submit it.

MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Code

5) Enter the 6 digit cadbury choclairs gold lot code given below and submit it.

MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Code: C2B215

6) Now tap on spin the wheel to win free 1 GB, 500 MB Jio data, free recharge.

7) Give an answer to a simple question and claim your rewards. 

8) Done! You will receive your reward, here I have won free 500 MB Jio data.

MyJio Cadbury Choclairs Gold Answers

9) Cadbury choclairs batman contest valid from 29th April 2022 to 31st May 2022.