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Jio Asian Paints Tractor Sparc Quiz Answers

Asian Paints

Jio’s new free data offer is valid for all users. Asian paints tractor sparc quiz answers for today have been updated.

This is a new quiz that can give you 1GB if you successfully complete it. Fill out the simple quiz answers to win assured 1 GB free.

1. Updated the MyJio app from the app store.

2. Click on the asian paints free 1 GB data banner.

3. There will be 4 tasks to be completed and to win assured data.

  • 1st activity: Download catalog 
  • 2nd activity: Play the quiz
  • 3rd activity: Do a word search
  • 4th activity : Estimate the budget

4. Click on the first task ‘download catalogue’. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘proceed’ button.

5. Again click on the first task to open the downloaded catalogue. that’s it.

6. Now click on the second task ‘quiz’. The video will start, watch it and then play the quiz.

7. Asian paints tractor sparc quiz answers are given below.

  • 1st answer: Tractor Sparc
  • 2nd answer: Smooth Finish
  • 3rd answer: 850+
  • 4th answer: Asian Paints Tractor Sparc

8. Now click on the third task ‘word search’. then click on the ‘search now’ button given below.

9. Complete word search like given below (see the image) and click on ‘submit’ button.

10. Do the fourth task ‘estimate the budget’. In this task select price range: ₹150-₹200 and click on ‘check’.

11. Click on the ‘bumper prize’ and claim your reward prize.