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Watch TV, YouTube & Earn Gift Cards From Media Rewards

Media Rewards App

Media Rewards app gift cards: Signup using Media Rewards Invite Link and earn free gift cards by just watching TV, YouTube, listening to the radio or taking surveys. Yes! You heard right.

It is one of the rewarding apps, to start making money and earning free gift cards you just need to install the app and then leave it in the background.

Before joining you need to verify your profile for qualification. And for this, you need to enter your basic profile details. That is it.

To earn Media Rewards gift vouchers you need to collect points by running the app in the background. Just sit back, and start watching your favorite shows on TV.

Media Reward app is real and not a fake app. It is 100% genuine and gives payment. It is an invite-only audience panel so you can join only via invite link.

What Is Media Rewards Survey App?

It is a cash rewards app. Watch TV, Youtube, listen to the radio and get rewarded. The app basically runs in the background while you watch TV or listen to any audio.

You earn points (score) for each minute when the app runs in the background. At the end of every month, your points are collected for lucky draws.

The winners are announced through the app message and receive a link via email for claiming rewards. Qualified users also receive surveys that gives free Amazon gift vouchers same as attapoll.

This app respects your data and privacy. It uses an extremely low battery. The app cannot track voices or conversations, or audio and never records anything. 

Some of the points that can be considered are whether one should use this cash reward app or not. 

  • Rewards → Gives cash rewards and free gift vouchers
  • Low battery usage → Only 1% per hour
  • Low data usage → Less than 100 KB per day
  • Privacy protected → No radio recorded or stored

How To Signup Using Media Rewards Invite Link?

1. Tap on the button given below and open the link in any browser in the desktop mode.

2. Scroll down below and enter your email address and then tap on the join button.

3. You will receive an email with Media Rewards app download link and a signin link.

4. First download the app from the link you received now and then open the app.

5. Login using the same email id you entered before and then go to the profile settings.

6. Complete your profile using valid details and then verify your email id. Done !! 

7. Now collect points by running the app in the background. Points will determine your score.

Note: You can keep this app running while you are watching tv, youtube, or listening to the radio.

8. At end of every month there is a lucky draw where you can earn up to ₹25,000 Amazon vouchers depending on your score.

9. Also you will receive 2 surveys/month, first 10 days after installing the app and the last 10 days of that month.

** Must keep the app installed on your phone for a month to get ₹250 Amazon voucher.

How Media Rewards Works?

How Media Rewards Works
  • Sign up now: Every month we have limited spots. Download and fill out your profile to qualify.
  • Watch and enjoy: The app runs smoothly in the background. Just sit back, relax, and start watching your favorite shows on TV.
  • Make easy cash: Win points, take paid surveys, earn cash and free gift cards.

Media Rewards Payment Proof

Below is the proof of a ₹250 free Amazon voucher received from the Media Rewards. Cash rewards are available if you are a prize draw winner or you have participated in one or more surveys. So yes! It is a 100% safe and genuine app that gives cash rewards.

Media Rewards Payment Proof


How to earn money from Media Rewards?

Collect points by running the app in the background while you watch TV, Youtube, or listen to audio. Collect points as many as you can to enter the lucky draw for cash prizes. Also, take paid surveys, and earn free gift cards like ₹250 Amazon voucher.

How do I get free Amazon vouchers?

Points collected are used for lucky draw prizes. If you are selected as a winner you receive an email with a link. You need to open the link and enter your PayPal account details, money will be credited to your account within 14 days. For gift cards earned by completing Media Rewards surveys, you receive an email. Click on a link within the email to claim your gift card.

How safe is the Media Rewards app?

Data collected from the background and your privacy, are both safe. The app cannot track voices or audio and never records anything. Remember, you’re always in control. They comply with GDPR and CCPA laws. You can always be able to opt-out whenever you feel like it. 

How reward points works?

  • Media rewards turn your opinion and anonymized information into rewards. Leave the app running in the background. This allows you to automatically share which TV and radio ads you’ve been exposed to, to help your favorite brands improve their TV and radio content experiences. 
  • Your points are gathered at the end of the month and are used to determine your rank.
  • Your rank determines your reward level or cash prize.
  • Every month, you can win 1x ₹25,000, 5x ₹5,000, and 10x ₹2,500 cash for being part of the media research study. 
  • If you earn the minimum amount of points, you will be invited for multiple ₹250 surveys within a period of 10 weeks.