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LBank Exchange Lottery Offer: Earn Free Crypto | 100% Win

LBank Exchange Lottery

Earn free up to $500 crypto. There is no need for KYC verification now, just signup and enter the LBank Exchange lottery code to get free crypto rewards. 

It is a new exchange running a campaign ‘LBank Exchange Lottery Offer’ where every user can join and earn free crypto tokens or trading vouchers.

There is no need to verify your account and you just need to apply the LBank pomo code or lottery code and get a chance to win free crypto tokens or trading vouchers.

Rewards are 1 USDT to 3000 USDT or equivalent tokens, a cashback card worth 20 USDT for spot trading, and a 200 USDT earning bonus.

It provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. 

Earn $1-500 Crypto From LBank Lottery App

1. Click on the link given below and register on LBank Exchange.

2. Enter your email address, create password and verify your email address.

3. It will ask you to download the app and redirect to play store. So install the app.

4. Open the app and login using your email id and password used in step 2.

5. On the dashboard tap on the ‘LBank lottery 100% wim offer’ banner.

6. Enter the code given below to claim your lottery rewards.

LBank exchange lottery code: LBank_BTT0.24, LBank_GNFGTp, LBank_TRX0.08

7. Apply both codes one by one and you will get your reward if you are lucky.

8. If you receive 1-3000 USDT or equivalent token then you are lucky.

9. If you receive a cashback card or earning bonus then they are of no use.

Event Rules

1) There are three lottery chances in total:

a. Deposit to draw lottery, and TXID is the code (once only)

b. Join Telegram group to check the lottery code (once only)

c. Share the event page to get the lottery code (once only)

2) There are 3 prizes in total:

a. 1-3000 USDT or equivalent tokens

b. A cashback card worth 20 USDT for spot trading

c. 200 USDT Earning bonus

3) Please make sure to activate your rewards within 30 days after received, or they will be expired.