Kucoin CUDOS Quiz Answers: Trade & Learn CUDOS

Kucoin CUDOS Quiz Answers

Kucoin CUDOS Quiz Answers

Kucoin CUDOS Quiz Answers: Trade & Learn CUDOS and get a share of 1,200,000 CUDOS as rewards.

To celebrate CUDOS’s upcoming incentivized testnet (Project Artemis), Kucoin has launched a campaign with the CUDOS project to give away a reward pool of 1,200,000 CUDOS to qualified KuCoin users.

The campaign will run from 10:00:00 on September 16, 2021, to 10:00:00 on September 23, 2021 (UTC).

To play Kucoin quiz, Login or SignUp on Kucoin, Link is given below. Don’t forget to add our Referral Code given below.

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There are total 3 activities that should be done during the campaign: 

Activity 1: CUDOS Net Buying Competition (600,000 CUDOS Grand Prize Pool)

Users who have a CUDOS net buying volume that reaches 100,000 CUDOS or more will be ranked based on the total CUDOS net buying volume traded on KuCoin during the competition period.

Activity 2: CUDOS Participation Rewards (First Buy Bonus for New CUDOS Lovers)

First Buy Bonus: Users who complete their first buy of CUDOS trading pair during the campaign period and reach a net buying volume of 1,000 CUDOS will receive a 100 CUDOS bonus & it is limited to the first 400 users.

Activity 3: Learn & Earn (Win 100 CUDOS)

During the campaign, participants will be able to earn a 100 CUDOS (approximately 3 USDT) if they are one of the first 3,000 participants to finish the following requests:

  1. Find the answers ( Answers are given below)
  2. Complete the quiz and answer all the questions correctly.
  3. Add the CUDOS/USDT trading pair to their favorites list.

Kucoin CUDOS Quiz Answers:

Question 1) How many CUDOS tokens are in the total supply?

Answer: A. 10billion CUDOS

Question 2) How many CUDOS tokens are required to become a Cudos Network validator?

Answer: B. 2 million CUDOS

Question 3) Which one of the following is not a CUDOS partner?

Answer: C. Jaguar

Question 4) What is the name of the Cudos Incentivised Testnet Program?

Answer: C. Project Artemis

Question 5) Which of the following is a technology that will support the Cudos Network?

Answer: A. Cosmos SDK