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KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 6th December | Daily Quiz

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers

KBC Pari Match quiz answers today for 6th December are given below. It is a new quiz that is recently added along with KBC daily quiz from which participants can earn extra points daily.

Same as daily quiz, a total of five questions are asked in the Pari Match news quiz and for each correct quiz answer you can earn 200 points, and therefore 1000 extra points can be collected every day.

The new quiz of the KBC Pari Match runs daily for 24 hours. You can play this quiz on Sony LIV application and win cash prizes or free products by getting your rank ahead on the leaderboard.

How To Play Pari Match News Quiz?

1. First of all you need to download or update the Sony Liv app and login to your accont.

2. Then from the app dashboard you need to search for the KBC Quiz banner.

3. Play KBC Pari match quiz every day and add more points to your overall score.

4. You can collect 200 points per correct quiz question, total1000 points can be earned daily.

5. Get cash prizes or merchandise by scoring the points and getting ahead on the leaderboard.

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today | 6th December

Q1) Who wrote the epic poem ‘Padmavat’?

Answer: Malik Muhammad Jayasi

Q2) Which was the first state in India to implement Panchayati Raj?

Answer: Rajasthan

Q3) Who was the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Q4) What is the international boundary line between India and Pakistan called?

Answer: Radcliffe line

Q5) How many players are there in a water polo team?

Answer: 7

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today

  • 1st Answer: Malik Muhammad Jayasi

  • 2nd Answer: Rajasthan

  • 3rd Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

  • 4th Answer: Radcliffe line

  • 5th Answer: 7

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 5th December

Q1) In which field is the Jnanpith Award given?

Answer: Literature

Q2) What is the name of the international boundary between India and China?

Answer: McMohan line

Q3) Where does Yamuna river originate from?

Answer: Yamunotri

Q4) How many players can play in the Volleyball?

Answer: 6

Q5) Who was known as ‘The Father of Indian Unrest’?

Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 4th December

Q1) The first railway line in India was laid in ___.

Answer: 1853

Q2) What is the outermost layer of atmosphere called?

Answer: Exosphere

Q3) Which of the following book was written by William Shakespeare?

Answer: Romeo and Juliet

Q4) Who was the first Indian woman to receive Bharat Ratna?

Answer: Smt. Indira Gandhi

Q5) After how many years are the ‘Olympic’ games organised?

Answer: 4 Years

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 3rd December

Q1) In 1930, from where did Mahatma Gandhi start the civil disobedience movement?

Answer: Sabarmati

Q2) ‘Rovers cup’ is associated with which of the following sports?

Answer: Football

Q3) Which was the first bank to introduce ATM in India?

Answer: HSBC

Q4) What is considered as one of the first signs of Vitamin A deficiency?

Answer: Night Blindness

Q5) Who defined the law of gravitation?

Answer: Newton

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 2nd December

Q1) Ranji Trophy is associated to which sports?

Answer: Cricket

Q2) Which was the first weekly newspaper in Marathi language?

Answer: Darpan

Q3) In year 2012, which act was enacted to protect children from sexual offences?

Answer: POCSO

Q4) Who authored the book Poverty and Un-British rule in India?

Answer: Dadabhai Naroroji

Q5) When was GSAT-11 launched in space?

Answer: 5th December 2018

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 1st December

Q1) In which year was ‘Project Crocodile’ started?

Answer: 1975

Q2) Which city is known as ‘The Eternal City’?

Answer: Rome

Q3) Which channel seperates Andaman & Nicobar Islands from each other?

Answer: 10 degree channel

Q4) Which article gives authority to the President of India to declare a Financial Emergency?

Answer: Answer: Article 360

Q5) When is the ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated?

Answer: 5 June

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers | 30th November

Q1) The Fifa World Cup was held in which country in the year 2014?

Answer: Brazil

Q2) Malwa Plateau does not make a part of which of the following states?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q3) Pateti is the festival of which religion?

Answer: Zoroastrianism

Q4) With which of the following countries, India shares maximum length of border?

Answer: Bangladesh

Q5) Which book was written by Lokmanya Tilak in the Mandalay Jail?

Answer: Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya

29th November 2022

Q1) Pen Holder grip is used in which of the following sports?

Answer: Table Tennis

Q2) What is the currency of Nepal?

Answer: Nepalese rupee

Q3) Who is known as the ‘Father of Indian Cinema’?

Answer: Dadasaheb palke

Q4) Which among the following films does not have Salman Khan as its lead actor?

Answer: Mission Mangal

Q5) Kiwi is good source of which Vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin C

28th November 2022

Q1) The headquarters of the Food and Agriculture organization are located at_?

Answer: Rome

Q2) Yellow ration card under Antyodaya Anna Yojana is given to whom?

Answer: People below poverty line

Q3) The World Radio Day is celebrated on which day?

Answer: 13th February

Q4) Which of the following is the official name of Ooty?

Answer: Udagammandalam

Q5) How many teams and countries have currently participate in the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Answer: 72

27th November 2022

Q1) Which among the following is smallest district of India?

Answer: Mahe

Q2) Which among the following is known as “Bible of Cricket”?

Answer: Wisdem

Q3) The Ozone Day is observed in memory of signing of which of the following protocols?

Answer: Montreal protocol

Q4) Zero Mile Stone is located in which city of India?

Answer: Nagpur

Q5) Which of the following is the northern most point of India?

Answer: Indira Col

26th November 2022

Q1) Which day is celebrated as Human Rights Day?

Answer: 10th December

Q2) Fazel Atrachali is a famous player of which sport?

Answer: Kabaddi

Q3) Which metal was used the most in the Harappan period sculpture?

Answer: Bronze

Q4) Who played the role of ACP Jai Dixit in the popular film series ‘Dhoom’?

Answer: Abishek Bachchan

Q5) Proteins consist of which of the following?

Answer: Amino acids

25th November 2022

Q1) Which country is the birthplace of the “Olympic Games”?

Answer: Greece

Q2) ‘Sohra’ is the local name of which of the following hill stations?

Answer: Shillong

Q3) In which year Indian Railway was nationalized?

Answer: 1951

Q4) Which is the largest wheat producing state?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q5) What percent of the total geographical area of India is under Mangrove cover?

Answer: 0.15%

24th November 2022

Q1) Cricketer Ishant Sharma represent which state team in the Ranji Trophy?

Answer: Delhi

Q2) World Environment Day is celebrated on which day?

Answer: 5th June

Q3) The director of the film Tiger Zinda Hai is?

Answer: Ali Abbas Zafar

Q4) The first month of the Indian national calendar is?

Answer: Chaitra

Q5) Which of the following is the capital of America?

Answer: Washington DC

23rd November 2022

Q1) Which vitamin is available to the human body through sunbathing?

Answer: Vitamin D

Q2) What happens to water vapour when heated?

Answer: Evaporates

Q3) Which among the following country is considered to have the world’s first sustainable biofuels economy?

Answer: Brazil

Q4) Arshdeep Singh is a famous player of which sport?

Answer: Cricket

Q5) What was the ‘Black Death’ first called?

Answer: Great Mortality

22nd November 2022

Q1) What is the national flower of Turkmenistan?

Answer: Red Rose

Q2) Which country is the largest reserves of gold in the world?

Answer: USA

Q3) Who is the winner of the US Open 2019 Men’s title?

Answer: Rafael Nadal

Q4) Which of the following was the first historian to distinguish between the cause and immediate origins of an event?

Answer: Thucydides

Q5) What is used to make periscope?

Answer: Plane mirror

21st November 2022

Q1) What is the earth’s primary source of energy?

Answer: The Sun

Q2) Who is known as Indian Bismarck?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Q3) Who was the first winner of Gandhi Peace Prize?

Answer: Julius Nerera

Q4) Vicuna is the national animal of which country?

Answer: Peru

Q5) What is the National Sport of China?

Answer: Table Tennis

20th November 2022

Q1) What did the initial “S” stand for in his name Winston S Churchill?

Answer: Spencer

Q2) Where was the first Golden Globe Awards held?

Answer: California

Q3) Which is the largest carnivore on land?

Answer: Polar Bear

Q4) A second full moon in a month of the common calendar is called what?

Answer: Blue Moon

Q5) What is the currency of Saint Pierre and Miquelon?

Answer: Euro

19th November 2022

Q1) What player was the first to win five straight Wimbledon tennis titles?

Answer: Bjorn Borg

Q2) What is the national bird of Estonia?

Answer: Barn Swallow

Q3) What is the currency of El Salvador?

Answer: US Dollar

Q4) In which country was Frederick Loewe born?

Answer: Germany

Q5) How many leap years does 100 years have?

Answer: 24

18th November 2022

Q1) What is the national currency of France?

Answer: Both A and C

Q2) How many stars does the Malaysian flag have?

Answer: 14

Q3) What is the national currency of Azerbaijan?

Answer: Azerbaijani Manat

Q4) The first atomic theory was proposed by which of the following physicists?

Answer: John Dalton

Q5) Which of these is known for the invention of a Paper Bag?

Answer: Margaret E. Knight

17th November 2022

Q1) Who was the first Indian to become the President of the UN General Assembly?

Answer: Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit

Q2) Who wrote the book called “My Truth”?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

Q3) Which of these inventions was first installed at a Hartford, Connecticut bank in 1889?

Answer: Pay Telephone

Q4) Which is the highest navigable lake of the world?

Answer: Titicaca

Q5) What is the most common waterborne disease?

Answer: Diarrhoea 

16th November 2022

Q1) What is the capital of Pakistan?

Answer: Islamabad

Q2) Which African country’s flag features its national bird, the grey-crowned crane?

Answer: Uganda

Q3) Hariprasad Chaurasia is a renowned player of which instrument?

Answer: Flute

Q4) Where is the headquarters of International Monetary Fund located?

Answer: Washington

Q5) Which is the staple food for at least half of the world’s population?

Answer: Maize