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Dhani Free Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit Worth ₹350

Dhani Free Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit: Get an immunity kit worth ₹350 for free. This is a free essential vitamin kit containing essential tablets for covid care.

Free Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit comes with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zink 50mg, and Paracetamol 650 tablets which are essential for a Covid positive person.

To ensure initial care against COVID Dhani is providing a free health kit that contains a 1 month COVID care medicine course for two people.

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In the midst of Covid, Dhani is offering a free Immunity kit. Follow the steps given below get Dhani Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit for free by paying minor delivery charges.

Dhani Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit Contents

1) Vitamin C (Limcee or equivalent) 30 tablets worth ₹45 

2) Vitamin D3 (60Kor equivalent) 4 tablets worth ₹189 

3) Zinc 50mg (Zinconiaor equivalent) 20 tablets worth ₹110

4) Paracetamol 650 (Dolo 650 or equivalent) 15 tablets worth ₹30

How To Order Dhani Free Immunity Kit?

1) Click on the link given below and download the Dhani app.

2) Open the app and tap on the ‘Pharmacy’ section.

Dhani Free Immunity Booster Vitamin Kit

3) Enter your mobile number and complete the signup or login process.

Dhani Free Immunity Kit

4) Tap on the Dhani Free ‘Immunity Vitamins kit’ banner.

Note: This kit is designed by Dhani doctors to provide minimum required supplements through multivitamins

Dhani Free Immunity Vitamin Kit

5) Add Immunity Vitamin kit to the cart. Go to cart and tap on order now button.

6) Add your shipping address and complete the payment of ₹25 as shipping charges.

Free Dhani Immunity Vitamin Kit

7) You will get Dhani immunity vitamin kit within 5 to 7 working days.

Benefits Of Dhani Immunity Kit

Boosts overall immunity.

Helps in reducing upper respiratory tract symptoms.

Decreases inflammation at the cellular level by regulating WBC and cytokine activity.

It May help in inhibiting virus entry to cells and replication.

Keeps your bones strong and helps lower blood pressure.