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Practically Learning App Free Products


Practically App referral code kavita1399020: Signup and get free 200XPs. Redeem these XPs to purchase products for free.

It is an online experiential learning app, designed to make learning immersive and increase retention in STEM subjects for students of class 6th to 12th.

It is the only self-learning app that enables STEM learning through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations.

This self-learning app also allows you to prepare reports, polls, and assign homework along with enjoying the perks of hands-on learning.

In short Practically app is an online learning app. On this app, you can also earn XPs or points by chatting, giving feedback, learning, sessions, playing quizzes, scanning, etc.

You can redeem your XPs to purchase products for free like Dairy, watercolor shades, geometry box, white cap, red pen, red bag, chess board, etc.

Learn, Collect Coins & Get Free Products

1) Tap on the link given below to download the practically learning app.

2) Open the practically app and tap on ‘I am a new user’ option given below.

3) Enter your mobile number and verify it with the OTP.

4) On the next step identify yourself, here select I am a student.

5) Enter your name, select any grade and enter the code given below.

Practically App Referral Code: kavita1399020

Practically Referral Code

6) Instantly you will get 200 coins in your account. 

7) You can anytime redeem your coins to get products like cap, water color, pen, bag, etc.

Note: Sometimes products are out of stock but they are added back in a few days

8) You can earn more coins daily by doing various activities given below.

How To Earn More XPs?

1) Chats

Chat on messenger with your friends, interact in practically classroom groups and get xps for every chat.

2) Usage & Feedback

Login and use the app for at least 5 mins a day or do a scan to search or just give feedback for classes or sessions.

3) Learning

Consume any content, videos, simulations, games, quick review, practice tests, set up a study plan or attend practically live, coding classes.

4) Personal Sessions

Attend sessions scheduled by our mentors or customer engagement agents.

5) Referrals

Refer your friends and get xps as they register in the app. Even your friends will get xps as you do.

6) Bonus

Regular app usage for consecutive 10 days, consume 10 units of any content in learning category to get bonus points.