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Dabur Babool Toothpaste Paytm Cashback Offer

Dabur Babool Sona Jeeto

Get Dabur babool toothpaste paytm code and win assured cashback of up to Rs.50 on each promotional toothpaste pack.

This is an official promotional offer from the Dabur brand. Participants can also win an Rs.5000 worth of gold gift voucher.

Campaign started on 1st January 2022 and can run till 1st March 2022. To participate in the contest purchase a dabur babool pack, SMS the unique Paytm cashback code, and get assured cashback.

If you have purchased toothpaste pack and have a Dabur babool toothpaste paytm code then follow the steps below to redeem your code to get assured cashback.

Win Gold Gift Voucher Or Paytm Cashback

Visit the link given below to get details about Dabur babool toothpaste soona jeeto offer.

1) Purchase a Dabur Babool Toothpaste promotional pack from the nearby stores.

Note: Make sure the Paytm cashback offer is mentioned on the pack.

Rs.30 Dabur babool toothpaste pack: Assured cashback up to Rs.15 

Rs.59 Dabur babool toothpaste pack: Assured cashback up to Rs. 25 

Rs.108 Dabur babool toothpaste pack: Assured cashback up to Rs. 50

2) Inside the pack you will get an offer card, scratch it to get a Paytm cashback unique code.

3) Now send the SMS to 9902391200 in the format given below.

BABOOL Unique Code To 9902391200

4) After successful SMS send, you will receive a unique code along with the web link.

5) Open the link in your browser and enter the details along with the verification code.

6) Enter details: Verification code, your name, city, state and fill up the captcha.

7) After verification, choose your preferred mode of cashback pay-out to receive the cashback.

8) Offer is valid from 1st January 2022 and ends on 1st March 2022.

Dabur Babool Sona Jeeto Offer

During the contest period participants can get assured cashback as per the following details:

In the promotion, 12 winners can win Rs.5000 gold Gift vouchers every day between 10 am to 10 pm.

All entries post 10:00:01 PM and before 9:59:59 AM of the next day will be considered in the next day’s draw.

720 winners who can win an Rs.5000 gold voucher during the contest period.

1 winner from all of India can win Rs. 500000 Gold Voucher.