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CuriousJr Coding App: Learn & Get Free Mug, Water Bottle


CuriousJr Refer & Earn Goodies: Learn coding on curious Jr app, collect coins and redeem them for getting discount on teaching courses or get mug, water bottle for free.

Mainly designed for students who are curious to learn to code. It is the top free mobile coding learning app and is based on fun coding games that teach you the basics of programming.

Here you can practice block coding and JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS and learn basic concepts of coding to eventually excel in all types of programming languages.

While learning coding you can also earn rewards in the form of coins. These coins can be used to get discounts on teaching courses or to get mug, water bottle free from CuriousJr.

Coins can also be earned by participating in competitions. You can also invite your friends to join CuriousJr app to learn to code for free and earn rewards. 

Learn Coding On CuriousJr & Earn Rewards

1. Tap on the button given below and download the CuriousJr coding app.

2. Open the app and then select the language you want to learn coding.

3. Now signup using your mobile number and then verify it with the OTP.

4. Choose your age group, and then select any learning courses in the next step.

5. On successfully completing the sign up process you will get free 10 coins.

6. Now on the app dashboard, You will get free coding courses online every day.

7. Daily you can learn coding and on completing the daily streak you can earn rewards. 

8. Now tap on the ‘earn icon and invite your friends and earn coins from CuriousJr refer & earn.

9. You can earn 50 coins when your friend sign up using your referral link and code.

10. Coins can be used to redeem for getting discounts on learning courses.

11. You can also redeem coins to get merchandise like mug, water bottle from curious jr.

CuriousJr Free Goodies Proof

CuriousJr Free Mug