Coinmarketcap Cybertino Quiz Answers

Coinmarketcap Earn Cybertino Quiz Answers

Coinmarketcap Cybertino Quiz Answers: Take the short quiz and pass the quiz by scoring 100%. Every user with a KYC-verified Binance exchange account and a Coinmarketcap account is eligible.

Quiz questions will cover Cybertino, it is the first interactive NFT marketplace dedicated to influencers and fandom. It aims to build a virtual identity account system as the infrastructure of the upcoming web 3.0. 

If you have not taken the lessons yet, please make sure to learn about Cybertino to complete the quiz. There will be a total prize distribution of 100 NFTs worth $50,000.

Take The Quiz And Earn Free NFTs

Step 1: Learn articles, and watch videos about the Cybertino crypto project.

Step 2: Put your newfound knowledge by completing the quiz task.

Step 3: Get rewards in the cryptos or NFTs you learned about.

Coinmarketcap quiz answers

Question 1) What is

Answer: The world’s very first NFT marketplace

Question 2) What is a virtual account system?

Answer: A web 3.0 identity that tracks all your blockchain relationships and assets

Question 3) Which one of the following is part of Cybertino vision on its virtual identity system?

Answer: All of the above

Question 4) Which one of the following payment methods are supported on Cybertino?

Answer: USD & All major cryptocurrencies

Question 5) When will the CoinMarketCap Interactive NFT sale take place?

Answer: 8/18 9:00 AM EST