Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers: Learn and Earn $1 MLN

Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers

Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers: Participate in Coinbase learn and earn campaign and win free $1 worth of MLN tokens from the Enzyme quiz.

To participate, you must have your account Coinbase. If you don’t have one then create your Coinbase account from the below given registration link.

New learn & earn campaign of coinbase is live now. You can participate in this new coinbase Enzyme quiz and earn assured free $1 worth MLN tokens.

Enzyme quiz questions will generally be based on the same topic itself and therefore make sure to learn about it through the provided short lessons or videos.

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On successfully completing the quiz you will earn $1 instantly in your wallet. All correct Coinbase Enzyme quiz answers are given below.

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Participate In Enzyme Quiz & Earn $1 MLN Token

1) Tap on the link given below and create your account on Coinbase.

2) Go to learn & earn section, there you will get all live quizzes.

3) Tap on start course button and take the Enzyme quiz to earn assured $1 MLN.

4) Coinbase learn & earn enzyme quiz answers are given below.

Coinbase Enzyme Quiz Answers

Question: How does the MLN token burn mechanism work?

A. Vault managers owe a 0.25% annual fee on the sum of all assets in a vault, payable in MLN; these tokens are then taken off the market and burned

B. Users receive MLN for developing, maintaining, auditing and growing the protocol; when these individuals are rewarded with tokens, an equal amount of MLN is burned

C. 0.25% of the total circulating supply of MLN is burned on an annual basis

D. Investors owe a 0.25% fee when depositing into a vault which is payable in MLN; these tokens are then taken off the market and burned

Answer: Option