Coinbase Clover Finance Quiz Answers

Clover Finance Quiz Answers

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Clover Finance

Clover Finance is a blockchain-based infrastructure platform and its aim is to make cross-chain compatibility of (DiFi) decentralized finance applications.

On the Clover Finance blockchain data sharing and communication can be done between two other blockchains.

It is a layer-one blockchain-based infrastructure. means user transactions are recorded on their own blockchain and take the help of another blockchain.

And some portion of fees collected for transactions on its platform is distributed among its developers.

It also has the functionality of smart contract project creations which means the decentralized applications (DAPs) can be built on top of Clover Finance Protocol.

It is a multichain defi platform. Blockchain like Ethereum, and Binance can integrate into its (DiFi) decentralized finance applications.

A wide range of different blockchain tokens can be stored on the clover finance wallet, which means users can see all major crypto tokens in its wallet.

Three types of wallets are made available by clover finance these are web wallet, mobile wallet, and extension wallet.

Unique features of these wallets are they are multichain connected wallet, support popular blockchain, has cross-chain compatibility feature, and app store for decentralized finance.

How To Earn $5 CLV Tokens?

1) You first have to sign up on Coinbase, click on the link given below.

2) Now click on the “For You” tab, it is there on the left side of the panel.

3) Click on View All given at the right side of the panel.

4) Scroll down and click on the “Start Earning” button.

5) Now scroll down to see all quizzes. Take the quiz that is live and click on the start course button.

6) Complete the Coinbase Quiz to earn free cryptos.

Coinbase Clover Finance Quiz Answers

1. Clover Finance is competing to become a

Answer: Polkadot Parachain

2. Clover Finance just launched its new

Answer: Web wallet

3. What can developers build with Clover Finance?

Answer: dApps with cross-chain compatibility

4. What can you use to interact with dApps?

Answer: Clover Finance Wallet

5. Clover Finance wants to increase the usefulness and accessibility of…

Answer: DeFi