Binance SHIB Quiz Answers | A Beginner Guide To Binance Trading

Binance SHIB Quiz Answers

Binance SHIB Quiz Answers Take the new Binance learn & earn ‘a beginner guide to Binance trading’ quiz which will go live on 6th July 2022, 07:00 AM UTC, and earn assured $SHIB token.

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Binance learn & earn SHIB quiz answers will be updated here once the quiz goes live. Create your Binance account if you don’t have one, do KYC verification, and be ready for the quiz.

Learn & Earn Assured 90000 $SHIB Tokens

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Binance account.

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory for collecting rewards.

3) Visit the learn & earn quiz page from the Binance app dashboard or visit here.

4) Learn & earn SHIB quiz will go live on 6th July 2022, 07:00 AM (UTC).

5) Take the quiz once it goes live and earn assured crypto reward of 90000 SHIB.

Binance Learn & Earn SHIB Quiz Answers

Q1) I don’t need to complete KYC to buy cryptocurrency. (True or false?)

Answer: False

Q2) What is the trading fee when I use Binance Convert to buy crypto?

Answer: 0

Q3) A market order is a type of order to buy or sell a security at a specified price or better. (True or false?)

Answer: False

Q4) Binance Flexible Savings cannot be subscribed to and redeemed at any time. (True or false?)

Answer: False

Q5) Using BNB to pay for trading fees will grant users a discount. (True or false?)

Answer: True

Q6) What are the essential steps to get started with Spot trading?

Answer: Select all the given options