Zomato ZPL Predict And Win 2023 Offer

Zomato ZPL Predict & Win

Play zomato ZPL predict & win throughout the IPL season and grab rewards like discount coupons, free zomato credits, etc.

Zomato Premier League is based on ongoing TATA IPL 2023 where you just have to predict answers based on today’s match and you could win above mentioned rewards.

Basically, you need to predict three correct answers for the asked questions and you will able to win free Zomato credits or coupons every day.

A new advertising campaign for Zomato was just released, and it features the Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, Rishabh Pant.

Pant is heard stating ‘I am still in the game boss, I am coming to play’ in the advertisement. ‘I am coming to play.’ He declares Zomato Premier League 2023 officially and you can see his ZPL banner in the Zomato app.

How To Play Zomato Premier League?

1. First update the Zomato app to the latest version.

2. Login using your mobile number and verify with the OTP.

3. Scroll down on the homepage you will get ZPL predict & win banner.

4. Zomato ZPL game starts daily from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

5. Play the predict and win game today by giving three correct answers.

6. You need to guess all correct answers in 10 secs to win free Zomato credits or coupons.

7. Users who only predicted all 3 answers correctly will share the total prize pool.

Below is the winning proof of free ₹504 Zomato credits won from ZPL 2023 yesterday’s match.

Zomato ZPL Game Rules

  • Predict answers for all 3 questions to stay in the game.
  • You can predict only once for each question, and predictions are locked in once selected.
  • You have 10 sec per question, predict fast otherwise you won’t be eligible for the prize pool if you miss any predictions.
  • Once the match starts, you will be able to see your share of winnings.
  • Share is calculated by equally dividing the prize pool between all players in the game.
  • Your share will increase when other players get knocked out players with incorrect predictions get knocked out as the match progresses.
  • The prize pool is divided at the end of the match.
  • Winnings are added to your Zomato credits.