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Trell The Grand Trellion Sale: Spin The Wheel & Win

Trell The Grand Trellion Sale

Trell The Grand Trellion Sale: Spin The Wheel & Win Trell Cash or Discount Vouchers. Trell Grand Trellion Sale will go live from 15th to 21st December.

Also, earn ₹850 trell cash easily from various tasks and do almost free shopping. You can get branded products worth ₹1300 in just ₹200.

Earn assured Trell Cash on sign up or referrals and get products for free or at a very limited price.

Trell is India’s largest lifestyle videos and shopping app where you can discover latest fashion trends, makeup tutorials, fitness routines, travel videos, recipes and much more.

From this trell shopping app, you can earn trell cash and it is 100 % usable it means you can use it for purchasing any product on their app.

You can earn trell cash very easily like on just signing up you can get ₹100 trell cash, complete verification and get ₹50 trell cash, watch videos and get ₹500 trell cash, etc.

Trell App Referral Code Link is given below download trell app and get ₹100 on just signing up.

Also participate in Trell The Grand Trellion Sale, play spin the wheel, and win either Trell cash or discount coupons.

How To Signup On Trell & Earn ₹850 Trell Cash?

1) Download Trell Shopping App from the link given below to get ₹100 trell cash.

2) Click on ‘Continue With Phone’ option or else you can also sign up with Google account.

Trell shop referral link

3) Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Get Otp’. Enter the Otp & do verification.

trell shopping app referral link

4) Congratulations! you have earned ₹100 trell cash on sign up.

trell shopping app

5) Click on icon at the right bottom of the screen, then click on ‘Trell cash’ icon.

6) Now complete your profile and earn ₹50 Trell cash.

trell shopping app

7) Now complete different activities to earn more Trell Cash.

Note: 1 Trell Cash = ₹1 It means you can earn ₹850 easily.

trell referral link

8) Now click on watch videos and start watching videos for 7 days to get ₹500 trell cash.

9) You have to watch 25 videos which are of only 1 minute and you can do this within a minute.

Trick: Watch one video for just 3 seconds and scroll down. Do this for all videos.

10) You have completed today’s streak. Watch 25 videos daily for next 6 days & earn ₹500.

trell online shopping app

11) Invite your friends to Trell App or just do self-referral if you have 5 different mobile numbers to earn trell cash.

12) Make a random video of 2 minutes, upload it and earn more ₹100 easily.

13) To know how to use all your Trell Cash smartly and get almost ₹1300 products in just ₹200: Click Here

Trell Grand Trellion Sale Spin The Wheel & Win

1) Now go to Trell Shop and click on banner as shown in the image given below.

Trell Grand Trellion Sale Spin And Win

2) Now click on spin the wheel banner and spin the wheel to win reward.

Trell Grand Trellion Sale Spin The Wheel

3) You will get Trell cash or discount coupons. Now Claim your reward.

4) You can participate in this Spin the wheel & win activity only once. 

5) You can use your coupons or trell cash that you won between 15 December to 21 December during the trellion sale.

Grand Trellion Spin & Wheel Terms & Conditions

1) The benefits of the spin the wheel activity (coupons, trell cash, etc.) will be sent to the winners within 24 hrs.

2) A user can participate in this activity ie. Spin the wheel & win only once.

3) Coupons won through this activity will be active from 15 December, 8:00 am to 21 December, 11:59 pm.

4) To use the coupons won through this activity, the order value should be greater than INR 1000.

5) Trell reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this offer/activity.

6) Trell reserves the right to disqualify any transaction or discontinue promotion any time.