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It is a comprehensive investment analysis platform for stocks, ETFs, indices, and mutual funds, driven by features like asset pages, stocks and mutual funds screener, watchlist, and more.

It is a one-stop shop to understand the markets and invest in them. Update your knowledge about personal finance, stocks, current events, and more related to the financial sector and the economy at large.

Read straightforward and insightful articles with neat infographics on a wide range of topics. The go-to place for new investors to study the market and economy.

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Tickertape Free Pro Membership Code: USTOXFF

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Tickertape Pro Features

Tickertape Pro unlocks a host of powerful research and analysis tools that help investors stay in control of their investments.

With Pro, you unlock access to stock forecasts, premium filters, and readymade screens, full access to stock deals, pro investment checklists, and the ability to download vast amounts of data for offline analysis.

Tickertape Pro gives you access to :

1. Stock forecast information: Price, revenue, and earnings forecasts that help you identify stocks with a strong potential upside.

2. Powerful screening tools: All access to our ever growing list of premium screens and filters, unlimited custom filters universes and screens.

3. Stock deals pro: Access to all stock deals filters so you can analyze where the big guns are putting their money.

4. Pro investment checklist: Find categorization based on default probability, quality checks, and growth scores so you can better evaluate a stock’s health.

5. Take data offline: Download vast amounts of data across premium screens and filters, stock deals, and MMI for your own offline analysis