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STE App Airdrop: Earn Upto $10 Worth STE

Join this airdrop using my STE app invite code: XVO5QM. The first beta free-to-earn with a $1 million reward pool.

Players get 4 days free to join with a total earning of $10 in only 5 minutes every day and get more $10 for one reference.

Basically, STE is a fitness app that helps players improve their health and earn up to $100,000.00 on their body movements.

STE’s mission is to inspire millions of people to live a healthy lifestyle by encouraging users to exercise daily and awarding them worthy rewards.

How To Earn On STE App?

1) First download the STE app, tap on the signup and create an account on STE.

2) Enter your email address, name, password and the given invite code.

STE App Invite Code: RJBUES

3) Now verify your email address then click on lesson one.

4) Important: First view the given video that explains how to play this lesson.

5) When you know everything about how to do this excersice, click on stretch button and start game.

6) Verify your identity to withdraw income earned from STE app.

7) Also invite your friends to earn more bonus days.

STE App Invite Code

Note: In this STE app airdrop you have to do the same exercise shown in the given video to earn daily, without doing this activity you will get nothing.