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Phable Cashews & Almonds Offer | 1Kg @ Lowest Price

Phable Cashews & Almonds Offer

Phable Cashews & Almonds Offer –  Get 1 kg true elements almonds and cashews at the lowest price by using the phable cash and phable essential membership.

Phable is an all-in-one wellness app that simplifies health management with intelligent insights and quick solutions for you.

You can manage diabetes, hypertension with a team of experts. Consult over 10000+ top doctors, both online and in-person, and order 20,000+ medicines with offers and cashbacks.

On phable app, you can also order health and wellness products like cashews, almonds, sugar, tea, edible seeds, and many more from brands like true elements, diabliss, etc. 

Currently phable is running an offer where you can invite friends and earn phable cash. From each successful referral, you can earn Rs 50 worth of phable cash.

Use Phable app referral code 6E79T2 during signup and get ₹50 instantly in your Phable wallet. Phable wallet cash is 50% usable for purchasing products on the Phable app.

Using the phable cash combined with phable essential membership you can get 1 kg true elements almonds and 1 kg almonds at the very lowest price only on the Phable app.

1Kg Almond/Cashews @ ₹200-300

1) Tap on the button given below and download or update the Phable app.

2) Open the app, enter your mobile number and then verify with the OTP.

3) Enter your name, email, gender, dob and the promo code given below.

Phable Promo Code - 6E79T2

Phable App Refer Code

4) New users will get ₹50 instantly in the Phable wallet which is usable on any order.

5) Invite friends to phable app and collect ₹500+ phable cash (₹50 per referral).

6) Now go to the ‘health & wellness’ products section and search cashews/almonds.

Phable Flash Sale Coupon Code

7) Add either true elements 1kg almonds or 1kg cashews to the cart accordingly.

8) With the almonds/cashews you need to add ‘ 3 months essential membership’ to the cart.

9) Now proceed to the checkout page, phable cash will get applied to your cart value.

Phable Cashews & Almonds Offer

10) 1kg almond or 1kg cashew price will reduce to approx. ₹200-300 depending on your phable cash.

11) Complete the remaining payment, add shipping address and place your order.