Nursery Live Free Plants: Free 6 Potted Succulent Plants Worth ₹1500

Nursery Live Free Plants

Nursery Live Free Plants: Take a pledge and get 6 potted succulent plants worth Rs 1500 for free. This is an official offer from the Nursery live website.

On the occasion of Environment day to promote Indoor gardening nursery live is giving away 6 lakh Indoor plants. Each user can claim 6 potted succulent plants worth Rs 1500 free.

These plants are low maintenance and can be placed indoors on table, balcony, window grill, etc. The offer is valid on a first come first serve basis. So better, hurry up!

On sign up you get a set of 2 good luck plants pack on your email id and a set of 4 mixed succulents potted plants potted when you invite your friends and collect 8 points. 

The plant distribution is based on a first come first serve basis and nursery live will re-allocate all pending plants to get the plants delivered to needed homes.

Take Pledge & Get Free 6 Potted Plants

1. Tap on the link given below to visit the nursery live free 6 plants offer page.

2. Enter your email address, first name, last name and tap on ‘send me 6 plants’.

3. Now you have unlocked a set of 2 god luck plants pack, you can claim them now.

4. You will receive the plant order link and the coupon code on your email id.

5. To get 4 more potted plants you need to collect 8 points by inviting your friends.

6. Copy the referral link and share with your friends and complete the referral activity.

7. Once you are done, Again you receive the link and a coupon code on your email id.

8. Read the instructions given in the mail and order 4 potted succulent plants for free.

Note: You just need to pay shipping charge of Rs 79 or more and it may vary 

About Succulent Plants

Succulents are low-maintenance plants, hard to kill, and can be placed indoor or outdoor in little space.

These plants can be easily multiplied by planting their leaves in a separate pot.

When you discover how to mix up the perfect well-draining soil and, most importantly, how to limit watering, you’ll find succulent plants are simple.

Even if you sometimes forget to care for these plants, you’ll learn succulents are easy to get along with. 

succulents help clear the air of dangerous chemicals and even increase humidity in your dry home or office.

This added humidity helps relieve dry, itchy skin. It can also prevent sore throats, the common cold, and that dry cough.