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LuvLap Free Diaper Sample At ₹0 With Free Shipping

LuvLap Diaper Sample

Nowadays it is hard to find free sample providing brands, in the midst of this LuvLap, which is one of the famous brands that produce baby products is offering free sample diapers.

You can order Luvlap free diaper sample if you are a parent and have a baby. All you have to do is fill out a form including your baby’s name and the size of the diaper pants.

Luvlap free diaper pants are available in all sizes. This offer is applicable throughout India for free and you do not even need to pay shipping charges.

These diaper pants are rash-free, gentle and ultra-soft on the baby’s skin. It gives protection for 24 hours from leakage and maintains dryness for a whole day.

** Each sample pack includes 3 diaper pants

Sample Diaper Pants Sizes

XS < 5 kg Tape style
S 5-9 kg Pant style
M 7-12 Kg Pant style
L 9-14 Kg Pant style

How To Order Free LuvLap Diaper Pants?

1. Open the luvlap free sample offer link given below.

2. Scroll down the page below there you will get a form.

3. Enter your name, baby name, mobile no, email id, diaper pant size.

4. Fill in your correct address details, city pin code, and state.

5. Choose the diaper size from the given options (XS, S, M, L).

6. Tap on the submit button and submit your details.

7. That’s it! No need to pay any shipping charges.

8. You will receive your order in a few days.

Terms And Conditions

  • Only one sample can be ordered for free per account. Additional orders will be canceled.

  • Shipping charge may be applicable on the sample product.

  • Each sample pack contains 3 units of diaper pants.

  • Pant-style diaper sample packs are available in sizes S, M, and L.

  • Tape-style diaper sample packs are available in size XS only.

  • Free sample packs are available for a limited period only.