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Jio Free Data Tricks & Offers

Jio Free Data

Looking for Jio free data tricks, vouchers, and codes? Here I have listed some of the latest methods by which you can get up to 10 GB of Reliance Jio data for free.

The demand for high-speed data is even more as people are watching a lot of content on OTT platforms and watching youtube, Instagram, or doing any other internet stuff.

Recently I shared airtel free data tricks. Now, I have some free internet tricks for Jio Users. Reliance Jio is the only one that gives away free 4G data via its campaign and offers.

Frequently Jio comes with new free data offers for its users and gives 1 GB or 2 GB data at no cost. Currently, there are many offers that can give you up to 10 GB of data for free.

You can get data from the Cadbury madbury duet, Cadbury celebrations Diwali, Asian paints offer, lucky draw offer or from the Paytm app using cashback points.

Win 1GB Jio Data From 2024 New Year Offer

2024 new year, new dreams and new chances. Take a resolution and win reliance jio data. All eligible winners shall be selected by a draw to win 1GB data for free.

Steps to participate :

1. Open myjio app and move to play & win section.

2. There you will see Jio 2024 new year new dreams new chances banner.

3. Click on it and agree to the t&cs and proceed.

4. Swipe new resolution banners and confirm yours by swiping up.

5. Done, you have entered a lucky draw.

6. Eligible winners will win 2GB data coupon on 7th January 2024.

Play & Win Jio Data From Diwali Dhamaka

Spread the light and win rewards from Jio diwali dhamaka offer. Just tap on the image that shows on the screen like diya or fire crackers to light them up and you can win up to 1 GB of data in your Jio number.

Steps :

  • Open myjio app and move to play & win section.
  • There you can see Jio diwali dhamaka offer banner.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions then tap on play now.
  • Just touch on images to light the firecrackers shown on your screen.
  • Instantly you will get free data coupon in winning section.

  • Here I have won 100MB data coupon.

  • You can activate this free Jio data pack whenever you want.

Win 20 GB From Jio Lucky Draw Contest

Every week Jio is running a lucky draw game from which you can get free 20 GB Jio data voucher. You just have to participate and a few simple quiz questions to win prizes

You can participate in the MyJio app lucky draw contest every week. Few winners will be selected randomly and each can get 20 GB Jio data voucher for free. Follow the steps win 20 GB.

There are few more games like jumbled, tap to win, spin2win, fun zone, etc. to play and win either free Jio internet data or coupons and discount vouchers and offers.

1. You can participate in the Jio lucky draw contest from the Jio app.

2. Tap on ’20 GB lucky draw’ banner and you can start playing some sort of quiz.

3. Quiz questions are very simple and you can attempt them on your own too.

4. You can participate in this Jio lucky draw contest up to 10 times every week.

5. Winners are selected randomly and each can win free 20 GB Jio data voucher.

Redeem Paytm Cashback Points And Get 1GB

1. Go to Paytm cashback points section and look for ‘1GB mobile data’ banner

2. Claim free 1GB data voucher code using 250 Paytm cashback points.

3. Copy the voucher code and tap on ‘redeem now’ to avail it.

4. Initiate a data top-up recharge pack of Jio worth ₹15 (1GB data pack).

5. You will get flat 100% cashback of ₹19 on 1GB data top-up recharges.

6. Data voucher code is applicable and valid only once per account or user.

1GB From 5Star Mush Detector Offer


Stand a chance to win up to 1 GB Reliance Jio data from the Cadbury 5Star mush detector offer. You just need to fill in your name, email, and mobile number, and submit, you will receive up to 1 GB data in your Jio account.

Win in few easy steps

1. Open the MyJio app and go to engage section.

2. Swipe the banners, and you will get Cadbury 5star offer banner.

Jio 5Star Mush Detector

3. Tap on let’s go and you will be redirected to 5star mush detector.

4. Enter your name and email id and submit it.

5. In the next step give your Jio number and verify with the OTP.

6. If ask enable the location for the site and then disable it.

7. Done, now go back to Myjio app > engage > offer store > my winnings.

8. You will see data voucher credited to your Jio account.

9. Claim it. Here I won 500 MB data voucher.

Play UltraTech Cement Quiz And Get 1GB


In the Jio UltraTech Cement offer, you need to watch some short videos and complete the quiz that is related to it. Once you finish all the activities you get 1 GB.

You need to take all the quizzes on topics of planning, choosing land, budgeting, selecting team, selecting material, supervising work, etc to win Jio data.

This is a limited-time offer and is valid for all Jio users. Quiz answers have been added for your ease. Read out the steps and claim Jio 4G internet data for free.

1. Go to ‘Engage’ from the Jio app and search for UltraTech Cement offer.

2. Watch short videos and take all the quizzes that are related to that videos.

3. Once you complete all the activities you get assured 1 GB of Jio data.

4. You can claim your 1GB Jio data voucher under the winnings section.

For ultra-tech cement quiz answers – Visit this link

Take A Resolution & Win 1GB Jio Data


2023 is on the way and in order to make it more meaningful you can take any resolution that you think you should follow in the year 2023.

Jio has a new year resolution offer for all its users. You need to select any one of the challenges by swiping the cards and sharing them with your friends.

Work toward your goals and challenge your friends to commit to a resolution too! Now you are eligible to win 1GB of free Jio data. 

1. Open the MyJio app and go to engage.

2. Swipe the banners, and you will get 2023 new year banner.

3. Tap on let’s go, agree to the terms and then proceed.

4. Many new year resolution cards will be shown, swipe to change them.

5. Select one and swipe up and tap on the ‘challenge your friends’ button and share.

6. You have now entered a lucky draw to win free 1 GB data voucher.

7. Winners will be announced on 8th January 2023.

Free 1GB Data From Engage Waali Diwali Contest


On the occasion of Diwali, Jio has come up with a new contest named ‘Jio Engage Waali Diwali’. Every Jio user can participate in this contest and win free 4G data.

To win free data, participants need to upload a creative photo or a video on the Jio engage contest page. Photos or videos with many likes will be selected and entitled to win prizes.

Users can also create their own personalized greeting cards based on the Diwali module template availability. Jio Ghar Ghar Diwali contest will run till the Diwali festival ends.

1. Go to engage section and tap on the ‘Engage Waali Diwali’ banner.

2. There are two tasks, one for creating a Diwali greeting card and the other for sharing photos.

3. Tap on the first task ‘Ghar Ghar Diwali’ and submit your photo or video celebrating Diwali.

4. Done !! You have registered your entry and you are now eligible to win free data.

5. If your photo or video get more likes then you may win Reliance Jio data for free.

Upto 2GB Data From Bournvita Offer

Bournvita mann ki tayyari is a new campaign in association with Reliance Jio. You can get this offer under the MyJio app’s engage section, which is basically a game section.

To get up to 2 GB, you need to watch a small video on the app to participate, answer some simple questions, and stand a chance to win free 4G Jio data.

Every participant can win 2 GB Jio data, 1 GB Jio data, 1 GB Jio data, 100 MB Jio data, or a child mental health e-book free. Follow the steps given below to avail free data.

1. Go to the Jio engage and find mann ki tayyari offer banner.

2. Watch the short video that is displayed, after this, the chatbot will start.

3. Now enter your name, mobile number, and email address and proceed.

4. You may win 2GB, 1GB, 100MB, or a child mental health e-book free.

Free 1GB Jio Data From Cadbury Silk Offer

Jio has launched a new offer with Cadbury where you can win data of up to 1 GB or 1-year free Jio recharge by just completing activities like solving puzzles, etc.

Every user who participates in this contest can win one the prizes; 100 MB Jio data, 500 MB Jio data, 1 GB Jio data or a chance to win 1 year Jio recharge free.

You can play Cadbury Silk puzzle quiz every day till the campaign ends and win rewards. Jio Cadbury Silk offer is valid from 23rd September to 31st October 2022.

1. Participate in the ‘Cadbury S for Silk’ offer from the MyJio app.

2. Solve the puzzle that is given and win one prize that are given below.

Prizes: 100MB, 500MB, 1GB data or 28 days, 84 days, 1-year Jio recharge free.

3. You can play the Jio Cadbury Silk game daily till the campaign ends.

1GB Jio Data From Cadbury Play Pad


Similar to Bournvita mann ki tayyari, Cadbury play pad is a campaign in association with Reliance Jio. You can avail of this offer from the MyJio app.

In this offer you need to redeem the activation code from the Cadbury play pad app. 1 GB of data will be credited within 7 working days after you redeem it.

The offer will run till 30th September 2022. Total 46,700 winners of this campaign can win 1 GB of Jio data for free.

1. Open the Cadbury play pad offer from the MyJio app.

2. Agree to the terms, enter the details and get a scratch card.

3. Scratch it to reveal your unique Cadbury play pad activation code.

4. Download the Cadbury play pad app and sign up as a new account/user.

5. Enter the Cadbury play pad activation code in the ‘special code’ option and redeem it.

6. Go back to the jio app, you will get the free 1GB data winning banner.

300 MB Data From Cadburry Dessert Corner


Get 300 MB, 200 MB or 100 MB data on the completion of the game plus you also earn a chance to win up to 3 months of Reliance Jio recharge for free.

Every participant shall be eligible to claim the prize only during the campaign period. Total 69,000 winners of this campaign are eligible to win prizes.

From all the participants of Jio Cadbury dessert corner, 90 winners can get free 3 months Jio recharge. The offer started on 7th September and will end on 30th September 2022.

1. Start the Cadbury dessert corner game by entering your name, and email id.

2. Chat will start, answer the questions accordingly and then watch a small video.

3. In the next step you need to spin the wheel to win prizes or rewards.

4. You may win one of these prizes: 300 MB, 200 MB, 100 MB Jio data.

5. If you are lucky then you may win 3 months of Jio recharge for free at ₹0.