Grand Shopsy Quiz Answers Today

Grand Shopsy Quiz

Grand Shopsy Quiz Answers Today 11th September 2022: Participate in the shopsy grand quiz and stand a chance to win a gift voucher worth 0.5 grams gold for free.

To participate in the grand shopsy quiz you must have an account on Shopsy and to be eligible for quiz prizes you just need to submit the correct quiz answers.

Shopsy is also running a sale named Grand Shopsy Sale. This sale will run from 3rd to 11th September 2022. During this sale, you can buy products from just ₹1 only.

₹1 shopsy flash sale will go live after every hour or two. Just download the app from the link given below and sign up and grab products at loot price from this shopsy ₹1 flash sale.

Play And Win 0.5 Gram Gold Free

1. Tap on the link given below to download or update the Flipkart Shopsy App.

2. Open the app, enter your mobile number and then verify it with the OTP.

3. Now on the homepage, you will get the ‘Grand Shopsy Quiz’ offer banner.

4. Tap on the banner, start the quiz and submit all the correct answers.

5. Grand shopsy quiz answers are given below, scroll down the page.

6. Winners will be selected randomly from all the participants of the grand shopsy quiz. 

7. Winners will win a gift voucher worth 0.5gms gold or other exciting rewards.

8. You can play ‘Grand Shopsy Quiz’ daily till the sale ends ie. till 11th September.

Grand Shopsy Quiz Answers Today

Q1) What are formal men’s shoes called?

Answer: Loafers

Q2) Where does the fashion of Chikankari come from?

Answer: Lucknow

Q3) Choose the correct answer: Shopsy has unbeatable deals on__.

Answer: Both

Answers For 10th September

Q1) What is the starting price of earphones on Shopsy?

Answer: Rs. 9

Q2) Where does the famous chanderi fabric come from?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q3) Shopsy Mela is live on the app!

Answer: Grand

Answers For 9th September

Q1) Guess the correct price: How much does Wayfarer Sunglasses (pack of 3) cost on Shopsy?

Answer: Rs.199

Q2) Choose the correct option: Aaj _____ Kiya Kya?

Answer: Shopsy

Q3) How much of a discount do you get on your first purchase?

Answer: Up to Rs.50

Answers For 8th September

Q1) What is the origin of Bandhani Sarees?

Answer: Gujarat

Q2) How much can you get for referring friends to Shopsy?

Answer: 20%

Q3) True or False: You can get a saree for Rs. 25 on Shopsy.

Answer: True

Answers For 7th September

Q1) Shopsy par prices aise __?

Answer: Lage Free Jaise

Q2) Shopsy par fashion is starting at?

Answer: Rs.25

Q3) What do you get for Rs. 25 on Shopsy?

Answer: Both

Answers For 6th September

Q1) Which bottom wear has a skirt like texture?

Answer: Palazzos

Q2) What can you get under Rs.25 on Shopsy?

Answer: All of the above

Q3) What are some of the advantages of buying products from Shopsy?

Answer: All of the above

Answers For 5th September

Q1) What are the payment modes you can use on Shopsy?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) You can get a handbag at Shopsy at Rs.___?

Answer: 239

Q3) Refer & earn is applicable for___?

Answer: All of the above

Answers For 4th September

Q1) Where does the traditional Chanderi saree come from?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q2) Shopsy Par Har Din Aisa ___ Jaisa!

Answer: Sale

Q3) Apart from shopping, what else can you do on the Shopsy app?

Answer: Selling