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GPay Kite Fest: Collect Kites & Earn Upto ₹100 Cashback

GPay Kite Fest

To celebrate Independence day, google pay has come up with a new offer named ‘GPay kite fest’ offer in which you need to fly kites in order to earn rewards.

GPay kite fest is a very simple game and can be completed very easily. In this game, users fill up the sky with 200 kites can get a cashback reward of up to ₹100.

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Now how to collect kites, there are few ways to do so, ask your friends to fly kites by sharing the link with them and play the kites rush game.

When your friend helps you to collect kites, both of you get some kites and you can ask as many friends as you want to help you collect kites with you.

And in the kites rush game, you need to collect some kites to increase your score and on completing this task you get some kites too. Here you can choose difficulty level also.

Try this offer now, share it with friends, and enjoy free cashback from google pay. Complete this offer by 21st August to get up to ₹100 cashback.

How To Fly Kites & Get Cashback Reward?

Collect 200 kites with friends by 21st August to get up to ₹100 cashback reward from this offer

1. First click the below link and update the Google Pay app.

2. Then look for the kite fest game banner or directly visit the below link.

3. Click on help now and you will be rewarded with cashback offer on joining the game.

4. Now play the kite rush game given at the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. On completing the kite rush game you will get some kites.

6. Now click on fly kites with friends and collect some more kites from them.

7. After collecting 200 kites, you will get a cashback scratch card.

8. Scratch it and claim up to ₹100 cashback reward instantly.

Complete Kite Fest Game In 3 Steps

  • Happy independence day! Collect kites and fly them high.
  • Get up to 100 cashback once you fill the sky with 200 kites.
  • Enjoy bonus kites when you play kite rush.

GPay Kite Fest Offer Details

  • Collect 200 kites with friends by August 21 to get cashback.
  • You can ask as many friends as you want to help, but kites will only be added if they decide to help you.
  • Friends you ask can only help you collect kites once during the campaign period.
  • Kite fest rewards will be given after you have successfully collected 200 kites.
  • Any reward you earn will be added to your rewards channel.