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GPay Cricket Fest: Gather Superfans & Get Upto ₹151 Cashback

GPay Cricket Fest

20-20 fever is on! and therefore Google Pay has come up with a new cricket fest, same as earlier campaigns like rangoli fest and mango fest.

All GPay users can take benefit of this fest because a cashback of up to ₹151 is given for completing a simple task of gathering superfans. In this fest, we can consider superfans as points.

Those who manage to gather at least 200 superfans with friends will get reward of up to ₹151 GPay cashback. You can help only 7 seven friends everyday. 

Now share it with friends and enjoy free cashback from google pay. Make sure to do this activity by March 26, 2024 so that you do not miss cashback reward.

How To Collect 200 Superfans & Earn Upto ₹151?

You need to gather 200 superfans in google pay cricket fest with friends to get up to ₹151 cashback

1. Update GPay app

If the app in your device is not of latest version, then update it first to get access to cricket fest 20-20 fever offer.

2. GPay cricket fest link

You can go to the offer page in Google Pay app directly from the below link. After opening the link, click on ‘help now’ and get free superfans as a joining reward.

3. Gather 200 superfans

The main task in this offer is to gather superfans, because cashback is given to those users who collect 200 superfans. To collect it, click on ‘gather superfans’ given below on your screen and share it with friends.

4. Unlock scratch card

After collecting 200 superfans, a scratch will be unlocked for completing cricket fest in Google Pay app. Scratch it to unveil cashback amount you won.

5. Collect up to ₹151 cashback

Up to ₹151 cashback reward is given to all users under this fest. If you have won a scratch card then you will get from minimum ₹10 to maximum ₹151 cashback.