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Claim Full Cashback On Each Galaxy Chocolate Bar

Galaxy Chocolate Cashback

Grab a galaxy chocolate pack which has assured cashback voucher code inside it and redeem to get assured Rs.80 UPI cashback and enjoy the chocolate for free.

This is an official promotional offer called ‘galaxy chocolate cashback’ where you get cashback on each chocolate promo bar of worth 80 rupees.

Cashback is only valid on purchase of galaxy smooth milk, fruit & nut, and  cookie crumble bars prices at ₹80 by participating with unique code that comes with the pack.

The promo ends on JUNE 30, 2024. Users who buy during the offer period can get 100% cashback.

You can find a unique voucher code inside the chocolate pack and redeem it to get the cashback by UPI method. 

How To Redeem Galaxy Chocolate Voucher Code?

1. Purchase a galaxy chocolate latest promo pack of ₹80.

Valid on: Galaxy smooth milk, fruit and nut, and cookie crumble bars worth Rs.80.

Please note: 100% cashback is mentioned on the pack you buy from store.

2. Open the pack, and search for a unique voucher code inside it.

3. Now go to redeem page from the below link.

4. Enter the voucher code that you get from the pack.

5. Give your mobile number and do OTP validation.

6. Now choose either UPI or NEFT or E-wallet payment mode and accept t&cs.

  • For UPI: give your UPI ID
  • For NEFT: Give account number, IFSC code, and name

7. Cashback will be credited in the given payment mode within 4 working days.

Note: You can claim cashback code only once per mobile number.

For each Rs.80 galaxy chocolate pack you can claim assured Rs.80 cashback and therefore the chocolate becomes free.

Galaxy Rs.80 Cashback

Read More Details

  • The program is valid till JUNE 30, 2024.

  • During the program period, cashback of Rs.80 shall be given on purchase of Rs.80 galaxy chocolate.

  • Consumer have an option to get cashback in form of bank transfer and PayTM cashback code.

  • Entries coming outside the program period are not considered for winner selection.

  • One mobile number can participate and get cashback only once.

  • Customers can get Rs.80 unique code printed inside the galaxy chocolate bar.

  • You can redeem one unique code only once during the promo period.