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CoinUp Airdrop Referral Code : QAVQLLW | Refer and earn Between 10-100 USDT.

coinup airdrop referral code

June 10th 12am – June 18th 12am (GMT+8)

Referrals Reward: User invited each referral can participate in the lucky draw 10-100USDT (cash available) or 38-188U bonus reward with a total pool of 100,000USDT.

The more referral you invited, the more you get! Limited serve, first come, first served!

Activity Rules:

1. The reward will be directly sent to your CoinUp account within 5 working days after the event, please wait patiently or contact customer service if you have any questions.

2. In order to maintain the normal order of the event, CoinUp reserves the right to disqualify users who have been awarded malicious cheat brushes

3. Any account that is found to gain the activity reward through any cheating behavior will be deducted from the current violation reward, and this account will no longer enjoy the follow-up reward of this activity.

4. CoinUp reserves the right to interpret the event.

Ongoing Airdrop :- Biconomy Airdrop

CoinUp Airdrop Step By Step Process.

Signup using email address or Phone number.

And Also don’t forget to Enter the Coinup referral code:- QAVQLLW during signup.

Coinup Referral Code:- QAVQLLW

Now verify your email id, Phone number if not verified yet and if possible also verify your Identity through KYC.

Now time for trade, first you have to deposit Trx ( you can deposit any other crypto) I am depositing trx here. 

Then, After depositing trx from any crypto exchage like binance, kucoin etc.

You have to first sell trx and then buy trx as  shown in the pictures. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

Finally you have to fillup the form and submit it.

Note:- during form fillup,signin into form using the same email address that you used to signup coinup account.

Complete all the steps and submits your details.

How to participate:
1. Follow twitter @CoinUpOfficials
2. Join CoinUp telegram group: https://t.me/coinupofficial
3. Register on www.coin-up.pro
4. Fill out this form : click here

The more referral you invited, the more you get! Limited serve, first come, first served!

 Try to refer more person to earn morein this Coinup Airdrop.