Answer Questions & Claim $3 PRO From Coinbase PROPY Quiz

Coinbase PROPY Quiz Answer

An opportunity to earn free crypto tokens if you give correct answers for PROPY quiz. Similar to Binance learn and earn where assured crypto rewards are given by completing quizzes.

You have to watch informational short videos to learn about PROPY and then answer a couple of easy questions. If you get both questions right, you can receive $3 worth of PRO.

However, remember that this quiz might be available only in certain countries, so make sure to check if it is open where you are.

The quiz might not be around for long, so if you are interested, attempt now to earn free cryptos. Also the questions asked are straightforward and therefore it won’t take much time.

Currently Coinbase Graph quiz is also live that can give you $4 GRT tokens. Login to account now and start earning free crypto rewards from Coinbase.

Learn About PROPY And Earn $3 PRO

1. Signup or login to your Coinbase account.

2. Go to learn earn reward page, you will see the new PROPY quiz.

3. Test your knowledge by completing propy quiz.

4. Answer two questions correctly to win $3 worth PRO.

5. Scroll down for Coinbase PROPY quiz answer.

6. Balance will be added to your wallet.

What is the purpose of the Propy Title Agency?


  • To automate escrow via smart contracts
  • To record deeds onchain alongside the county
  • To decrease wire and title fraud
  • All of the above

Answer for this question is : All of the above

What does a Propy RWA NFT represent?


  • Paying fees and receiving rewards within the propy ecosystem
  • Accessing the metaverse
  • Fractional ownership
  • Accessing real estate market insights

Answer is : Paying fees and receiving rewards within the propy ecosystem