Coinbase Ethernity Chain Quiz Answers | Earn $3 ERN

Coinbase Ethernity Chain Quiz Answers

Coinbase Ethernity Chain Quiz Answers: Participate in the learn and earn Coinbase campaign and get $3ERN tokens from this new campaign.

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Ethernity Chain quiz questions will generally be based on the same topic itself and therefore make sure to learn about it through the provided short lessons as well as videos.

It is an NFT marketplace that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs and trading cards created by artists and notable figures on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

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Q1) What is Ethernity?

A. An authenticated NFT marketplace

B. A marketplace for any fungible object or token

C. An NFT enthusiast dating site

D. A new state of matter discovered by scientists

Answer: Option A

Q2) Which of the following is NOT a benefit of the ERN token?

A. Rocks Staking

B. LP (Liquidity Provider) Staking

C. Fixed Staking

D. Stones Farming

Answer: Option A

Q3) What does Ethernity’s roadmap include?

A. All of the listed

B. Cross Chain Minting

C. Mobile App Launch on 105 and Android

D. Exorians PFP Avatar Project

Answer: Option A