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Chingari App GARI Tokens Airdrop: Earn Free Upto 500 $GARI

Chingari GARI Tokens

Chingari App Free GARI Tokens Airdrop: Just signup, complete the tasks like watching videos, and earn free up to 500 tokens for free in your account.

Here is another crypto loot coming from the Chingari app where you can earn free up to ₹2000 worth of GARI tokens. This is an official airdrop from the Chingari.

It is Bharat ka super entertainment app, a unique and fun short video app where you can create interesting videos and share them with the world. 

All new users can participate and get Gari airdrops by completing the engagement task. On successful KYC, 100 GARI tokens will be allotted as reserved tokens for the users.

You can also invite your friends to this app and earn up to ₹2500 worth of GARI tokens for each successful referral. KYC is a must to receive these rewards.

How To Claim Free GARI Tokens?

1. Tap the link given below and download the Chingari app on your device.

2. Open the app and signup with your mobile number or with a google account.

3. Select your gender, enter your full name and complete the signup process.

4. Now go to the wallet section from the bottom menu and tap on activate button.

5. Create a 6 digit PIN to secure your GARI wallet, reenter it and set the PIN.

6. Set a few security questions and answers and tap on save my answers.

Note: Make sure to note down or remember the questions & answers you selected.

7. Complete your KYC with your Aadhar card linked mobile number and PAN card.

8. After successful KYC verification you will receive up to 500 free GARI tokens.

9. Done! a number of GARI tokens has been allocated for you as reserved tokens.

10. Watch videos for 15 minutes per day and claim free 2 GARI tokens every week.

Note: Claim your tokens within 5 days once they became claimable as per schedule.

GARI Airdrop Terms & Conditions

All new users can participate and get Gari Airdrops by completing the Engagement Task.

On Successful KYC, 50 GARI tokens will be allotted as Reserved tokens.

Allotted tokens will be distributed as per the vesting schedule described for each participant.

For each vesting cliff, one needs to watch videos for 15 minutes/day for 5 out of 7 days of vesting cliff.

The tokens need to be claimed within 5 days once they became claimable as per schedule, if not then it cannot be claimed in the future.

Once claimed tokens will be transferred over the blockchain in Chingari wallet within the next 48 hours.