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Free Crypto Gift Boxes From The Binance Pay

Binance Crypto Box Code

Redeem Binance Crypto Box Code (BINANCEPAY) and claim a free crypto gift having up to 10 BUSD for free. This is an exclusive offer for all new and old Binance users.

It is a new feature of Binance Pay that allows you to send fun gifts having crypto tokens to your friends. You can create your own and share it with friends to gift them.

When your friends claim the gifts with the box code on the Binance app, they will get a random amount of the crypto you put in the box.

Unclaimed gifts will be returned to the box owner’s funding wallet after 24 hours. Multiple claims from the same user for the same gift box are not allowed.

How To Redeem Crypto Gift Code?

1) Sign up or log in to your Binance account and go to the app dashboard.

2) Proceed to Binance pay from your account settings, there tap on the ‘crypto box’ icon.

3) You will get two options: send and receive, tap on the receive option.

4) Enter the code given below and claim free up to 10 BUSD.

Binance Crypto Box Code: BINANCEPAY

5) Crypto token will be added to your Binance pay wallet instantly after redeeming the code.