Amazon Funzone Stars Quiz Answers Today | 1st September

Amazon Funzone Stars Quiz Answers

Amazon Funzone Stars Quiz Answers Today 1st September 2022: Play simple quizzes, earn stars daily and win free Amazon pay balance of ₹10, ₹25, ₹50 or ₹100.

To win Amazon pay balance you need to collect funzone stars, which are guaranteed points that you can score by playing games like daily jackpot, daily quiz, weekly jackpot, etc.

There is no limit on accumulation through the season. You can play these games daily and keep accumulating stars. More stars give you a better chance to win Amazon pay rewards.

You will be able to earn stars till the end of this season. Once the season ends, you will still have 10 days to use your accumulated stars and convert them into Amazon pay balance.

Amazon funzone stars daily and weekly quiz answers are given below, play the quiz now and start collecting the funzone stars. Use these fun zone stars to get free Amazon pay balance.

Earn Stars Daily And Win Upto ₹100

1) Tap on link given below to directly visit the Amazon fun zone quiz page.

2) Now tap on the ‘explore stars now’ button, there you will get all live quizzes.

3) Scroll down below and you will get total 4 Amazon fun zone star quizzes.

QUIZ – Daily jackpot, daily quiz, weekly jackpot, and answers & win weekly quiz

4) All fun zone runs quiz answers are given below, play and collect stars daily.

5) Once you have sufficient stars you can redeem them for free Amazon pay balance.

6) Amazon pay balance will be credited to your account within 48 working hours.

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers

Q1) Which Indian state has formed 13 new districts in 2022?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Q2) “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat. Stakes are Ukraine,” . Whose recent quote?

Answer: Comet Leonard

Q3) Vayu Raghavan played by Tanuj Virwani plays a key role in which of these web series?

Answer: Inside Edge

Q4) Name this fish which is commonly kept in garden ponds in Japan as pets.

Answer: Koi

Q5) Which Indian state has this animal as the state animal?

Answer: Sikkim

Funzone Weekly Quiz Stars Answers

Q1) Name the movie that has two intervals?

Answer: Sangam

Q2) Which Hollywood actor was considered for the role of Raj Malhotra in DDLJ?

Answer: Tom Cruise

Q3) Which of the following movies is an official remake of the Korean film, ‘Ode to my father’?

Answer: Bharat

Q4) Name the movie that was nominated for the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars 2002?

Answer: Lagaan

Q5) Finish the quote from Om Shanti Om: “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano _______”

Answer: Ramesh Babu