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Sprite Joke-in-a-Bottle Contest: Scan Karo, Joke Suno

Sprite Joke in a Bottle

Sprite joke-in-a-bottle is a new promo campaign started by Coco-Cola company in which they shall be giving free Sprite gear like merch, ₹50,000 MakeMyTrip, Amazon vouchers as a reward.

Whether you drink sprite or not it doesn’t matter, still you can claim these prizes. How? well, I am going to explain all the details regarding this offer so read till end.

If you have a QR code printed bottle, then scan it from the scanner or you can directly participate in this promo campaign through the link I have provided below, in this case no need of Sprite bottle.

Basically, participants need to collect comic coins as much as they can to rank the leaderboard. Points can be collected by listening to jokes, reacting to them and inviting friends to this offer through referral invite code.

Earlier the same campaign gave free Amazon Prime 1 month subscription to those who collected coins and ranked on leaderboard. How to gather comic coins and climb up the leaderboard, read till end.

Details & Winners

Users need to climb up the leaderboard to win top prizes. Top user on the weekly leaderboard wins ₹50,000 MakeMyTrip voucher, next 5 to win Sprite merch, next 1500 users to win BookMyShow voucher and top 2 users to win Amazon voucher.

To increase the chances of winning, one has to earn as many comic coins as possible. The leaderboard is updated regularly, so you need track your progress and see how you rank compared to others.

ContestJoke in a bottle
QR codeAvailable on Sprite bottles
DurationApril 19 – August 22, 2024
  • Sprite merch
  • ₹50000 MakeMyTrip voucher
  • ₹100 BookMyShow voucher
  • Amazon voucher

Sprite Scanner & QR Code

To participate in this offer, there is no need to scan the Sprite QR code through scanner because you can directly join the offer without purchasing a Sprite promo botte.

All you have to do is engage with tasks and collect points by exploring and listening to more jokes. That’s it.

Now follow the steps given below and start collecting coins to win the prize.

How To Win Jersey, MakeMyTrip Vouchers?

1. Go to Sprite 2.0 offer page from the below link.

2. Login using a valid mobile number, verify with OTP and enter some basic details.

3. You can use Sprite referral invite code30c30c381128 (optional).

4. Now listen to jokes, react to them using emojis, refer friends, submit a joke and collect coins.

5. Collect comic coins as many as possible to rank in the weekly leaderboard.

6. Get a chance to win jersey, free vouchers and a lot more!

How to Collect Comic Coins?

You can explore more jokes till you ROFL and for this just click on ‘surprise me’ option. For every joke you listen you get one coin.

Rate the joke you listen by giving reactions through emojis and you can earn one coin through this activity as well.

Update your profile by giving your name, email address and the city where you live in, here also you can collect 5 coins after you update your profile.

And if you have a Sprite invite code then enter it and redeem it to get 1 coin. Invite your gang to this offer and claim 5 comic coins every time a friend of your join them.

  • Submit a joke – 5 coins per joke
  • Give emoji reactions – 1 coin per joke
  • Update your profile – 5 coins
  • Redeem invite code – 1 coin
  • Vote for a joke – 1 coin
  • Invite friends – 5 coins