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Jelimals Runner Game: Play, Score High & Win Prizes

Jelimals Space Game

Scan the Jelimals space game QR code, score high and win prizes like t-shirt, sipper, notebook, telescope, machine gun, drawing tabley and many more rewards.

It is basically a simple multiverse game that takes you on a cosmic journey where running is not just about distance but measured in mind-boggling light years!

Exploring multiple universes in this game allows you to collect points in light years and on scoring high points you can win exciting prizes like the munch cricket game in which many of us won free caps.

To play the Jelimals space runner game, just scan the QR code and start making high score. Below are the list of prizes along with the lightyears that need to be scored to win.

There are total of six games that can be played and there are unique rewards  that you can win from these games. All details added below, make your score and grab products for free.

Prizes That You Can Win From Jelimals

Score Prize
26,60,000 LED Fidget Spinner
53,20,000 Walkie Talkie Set
79,80,000 Telescope
26,60,000 Gaming Finger Sleeves
53,20,000 Game Console Box
79,80,000 Wireless Gaming Pad
28,00,000 Space Laser Shooter
56,00,000 Hover Football
84,00,000 Earbuds
28,00,000 Astronaut Mobile Stand
56,00,000 Space Machine Gun
84,00,000 3D Pen
49,00,000 Drawing Tablet
98,00,000 Spaceship Bluetooth Speaker
1,47,00,000 VR Box
49,00,000 Neon Gaming Lightboard
98,00,000 Night Vision Binoculars
1,47,00,000 Smart Sunglasses

How To Play Jelimals Runner Game?

  • Scan the below QR code or you can directly open the space runner game contest link.
Jelimals Space Game QR Code
  • There are total six games, select the space runner game that is unlocked.
  • Click on the play now button and the game will load in a minute.
  • Now select repeat or new player and enter your name, phone number and click on submit.
  • Game will start, avoid the obstacles and start scoring points.
  • Your score will be calculated as distance in light years.
  • In the end, submit the score you make and get a chance to win exciting prizes.
  • Run as far as you can and collect as many points as possible.

Free Products Winning Proof

Jelimals Winning Proof