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Free Gaana+ Subscription From Britannia Little Hearts Offer

Get Britannia Little Hearts Batch Code with pack and win Free Gaana Plus Subscription for 3 months. 

SMS the unique code to get 3 month Gaana+ Subscription Voucher worth Rs.199. This voucher can be redeemed on the Gaana app.

The Britannia gaana promo offer will commence from 24th December 2021 and shall end on 31st March 2022.

Participants are offered 3 Months subscription of Gaana Plus with the purchase of a Britannia Little Hearts Biscuits pack of ₹5 and a pack of ₹10.

To participate in this offer, buy an offer pack, SMS to the number given below, and get free 3 Months subscription of Gaana Plus voucher.

How To Redeem Britannia Little Hearts Code?

Details of the Britannia gaana promo offer are given the link below.

1. To participate in the contest purchase a promotional pack of Rs.5 or Rs.10 Britannia little hearts.

2. Send an SMS in this format “LTLHRT<SPACE>BATCH CODE” to 6262642222.

Note: You can use the leaked batch code that is given below.

Britannia Little Hearts Batch Code: A12219F

3. After sending the SMS you will receive a link and unique campaign code on your Phone.

4. Log in to the link and register yourself using your name, email address, phone number, and Unique campaign code.

5. After registration you will get an e-voucher worth Rs. 199/- for 3 months Gaana plus subscription code.

6. Redeem your 3 months Gaana plus subscription voucher code on Gaana App.

7. Done! Enjoy free Gaana+ subscription for 3 months.

8. Do share with others.

Britannia Offer Details

Participants are offered 3 months subscription of Gaana Plus with the purchase of Britannia little hearts biscuits.

Valid from 24th December 2021 and will end on 31st Mar 2022.

This offer enables each participant a maximum of 3 months subscription of Gaana Plus.

This offer is applicable only on Rs.5 and Rs.10 packs having a net weight of 15.5g and 32g of Britannia little hearts offer packs,

Participants should not be existing gaana plus subscriber. In case of an existing subscriber, Participant can use coupon code towards the end of the existing plan.

This coupon code will work once per Participant and the code is valid till 31st March 2022.