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Fynd Refer & Earn Free Shopping Worth ₹2000

Fynd Refer & Earn

Fynd refer & earn free shopping worth ₹2000, this time for all users. Use Fynd app referral code RINKRT, just sign up and get 2000 points for doing free shopping.

It is our central online shopping destination for fashion, offering clothing for men, women, and kids, wallets, hand bags, and other accessories.

The best thing about these referral points is you can use them for doing shopping for free. You can do free ₹2000 shopping by referring your friends.

Just sign up on the Fynd app, all the steps are given below, and get free Fynd points, also refer your friends and earn points more to do free shopping.

Previously there were 3 sales already over, Gone In 15 Minutes, both in the month of  November 2021 at 9 pm to 9:15 pm where people did ₹2000 shopping for free.

Now, this time there will no condition regarding prior shopping, but you have to refer your friends between 13th December to 19th December.

Share your unique referral code and when each friend join you and your friend gets 2000 Fynd points. All other details are given below.

How To Signup On Fynd App?

1) Click on the link given below to download Fynd app on your mobile.

2) Open the app and click on the ‘register now’ option given below.

3) Enter your name, gender, mobile number and password and click on ‘register’ button.

4) Enter the referral code given below if asked to get 2000 points.

5) Verify your mobile number with OTP sent to your moblie number.

6) Now click on the ‘3 lines icon’ given at the top left corner.

7) Now there you will get ‘refer and earn’ option, click on it.

8) Enter the referral code given below, click on the apply button and get 2000 points.

Fynd Referral Code: RINKRT

9) Share your referral code with your friends between 13th to 19th December and do free ₹2000 shopping.

10) You will receive a coupon code on 21st Dec by 9 pm and do free ₹2000 shopping on 22nd Dec from 11 am to 11:59 pm.

How To Get ₹2000 Products For Free?

1) Refer friends between 13th to 19th December and you will get ₹2000 off coupon code on 21st December by 9 pm.

» ₹500 free shopping: Refer 10-14 friends

» Get ₹1000 free shopping: Refer 15-19 friends

» ₹2000 free shopping: Refer 20+ friends

2) Fynd free shopping coupon code, will be sent to you via SMS on 21st December by 9:00 pm on your mobile number, add products worth ₹2000 in cart during sale day.

3) Apply that coupon code to your cart during the sale on 22nd December 2021 from 11:00 am to 11:59 to get flat ₹2000 off. Done !!

Other Details

1) Refer Friends between, 13th to 19th December and share your unique referral code.

2) Free shopping coupon code, will be sent to you via SMS/PN on 21st December by 9:00 pm.

3) Enjoy free shopping on 22nd December 2021 from 11:00 am to 11:59 pm.

4) You cannot share your coupon code because it will be linked to your mobile number.

5) The delivery fee is ₹129. This is a non-refundable amount and will not be returned even if the order gets canceled.

6) The coupon code will apply to all the products listed on the Fynd website and app. You will get 100% off up to ₹2000.

7) For more details about Free ₹2000 shopping do visit Fynd’s official website or app.