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Flipkart Firedrops Challenge: Win Free Products & Coupons

Flipkart Firedrops Challenge

Hey readers! Flipkart have introduced a new rewarding feature recently as Flipkart Firedrops challenge. In these challenges users need to complete some tasks which are very simple.

Tasks includes watching a ten seconds video, add product to cart, wish list any product, share product with friends or complete a survey in which you can select any random answers.

Also, I post amazon fz points quiz answers daily, play this quiz daily and you can win assured amazon pay balance of up to ₹125 for free.

You can join to Flipkart Firedrops from the link that I have provided below in this post. Use my Flipkart Firedrops invite code mgy5j while joining.

It is the coolest new way to earn exciting new rewards by participating in exciting challenges and benefits from your favourite brands.

Here you can win free products like smartphone, smartwatch, beauty products, branded shoes, airpods, iPhone, t-shirts, world cup match tickets, merchandise like cap, jersey, bat and ball and many more. 

How To Join Flipkart Firedrops Challenge?

1. Open Flipkart app and login to your account.

2. Navigate to the categories section, there you will find the Firedrops icon.

3. Click on it and join Firedrops.

4. If you can’t locate it, I have included a direct link below. Simply hit the button.

Note: Must open the link in Flipkart app.

5. You can use my Flipkart firedrops invite code – mgy5j

6. Explore all challenges and complete the newly added one.

7. Once you are done, a box having rewards shows up on the screen.

8. Tap on that box to claim your rewards.

Firedrops New Challenges

New firedrops challenges are added, just complete them to win free products or discount coupons. Below is the list of challenges that are added.

  • Nike and Arrow follower challenge

  • Samsung, Lenovo, Apple follower challenge
  • Prestige follower challenge
  • Loreal follower challenge

There are added recently and you can win rewards from these brands.

Open Flipkart app >> go to firedrops >> complete them one by one.

Firedrops MamaEarth Fan Challenge

Complete mamaearth challenge and win free mamaearth perfumes or up to ₹300 discount coupon.

  • Open flipkart app.

  • Locate to the firedrops section from categories.
  • Click on mamaearth fan challenge banner.
  • Complete all 4 tasks.

  • After doing all tasks you can claim your reward.
  • You may win free perfumes or up to ₹300 discount coupon.

For survey quiz answers – you can select any random answers according to the question.

Firedrops Thumbs Up World Cup Challenge

Currently thumbs up world cup challenge is live. You need to complete 5 tasks under this challenge to win different prizes.

  • World cup match tickets or group stage tickets

  • Free bat ball, India jersey, duffel bag
  • 25% off thumbs up in Flipkart grocery

Firedrops Invite Code

To unlock Firedrops rewards you need an invite code otherwise Firedrops cannot be accessed. You can use anyone’s Flipkart Firedrops invite code Here I have added mine – mgy5j.

After joining you will be on a waiting list, to move ahead in the queue you can refer few friends by sharing your code with them. 

Flipkart Firedrops Answers

Some of you might have doubt what if I select wrong answers, will I still be eligible for rewards. Yes! Even if you give incorrect answers you can still win firedrops rewards.

Basically some challenges may includes tasks like take a survey and in surveys you select options accordingly. It shouldn’t be always correct.

Firedrops Reward Store

Under rewards store, users get flat OFFs, top discounts on products, also you unlock freebies by completing firedrops challenges. Get awesome rewards and save big on your next purchase.

Basically these are the coupons that can be purchased to get discounts on products like laptops, beauty products, smartwatches, smartphones, shoes and many others.