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Coke2Home Coke Studio Bharat Contest

Coke2Home Studio Bharat

Love to drink coca cola? here is your chance to grab exciting prizes while enjoying your favorite drink. Coke2Home is running a new contest i.e. Coke studio bharat, as a promotional offer.

The concept here is, individuals need to collect points, here these point are known as ‘coke coins’ and it can be collected through different tasks and activities, it’s not that difficult as you think, read next statement.

You can accumulate coke coins by – sign up and using invite code, refer friends, redeem unique code printed on coca cola bottle, watch video, sing karaoke.

If you manage to collect 300 coins then you can win a brand new iPhone 15 for free of cost as a prize otherwise for 40 coins, you can claim JioSaavn one month subscription.

How To Collect Coke Coins And Win Rewards?

1. Go to ‘coke studio bharat’ contest from the below link.

2. Signup using your mobile number and other basic details.

3. Entering referral invite code is optional.

4. Verify with OTP.

6. Now comes the main task of collecting coke coins in order to win rewards.

8. Go to ‘contest’ tab from the below menu.

9. Scroll down and start collecting coke coins by completing the tasks/conquests.

  • Complete profile – 10 coke coins
  • Enter coco cola unique code – 20 coke coins
  • Submit a karaoke – 2 coke coins
  • Watch an exclusive coke studio video – 2 coke coins
  • Use coke studio bharat invite code – 2 coke coins
  • Refer a friend – 4 coke coins

10. You can repeat tasks for multiple times.

Please note: Prizes shall be given on a first come first serve basis every week, if the quota of prizes for a week is over then you can try again for next week and so on.

Trick: Maximum coins can be collected using unique code given on coco cola bottles.

Coke Coins Needed To Redeem Rewards

You can check how many coins you collected under this contest, just go ‘my earnings’ tab given at the bottom on offer page. Below I have elaborated on rewards and coke points needed to redeem them.

JioSaavn subscription

  • It can be claimed for 40 coke coins.
  • One month premium subscription worth rs 89.

iPhone 15

  • 300 coins are needed.
  • Win a brand new iPhone 15 with all latest features.

Paid trip 2024 tickets

  • 500 coins are needed.
  • Win a ticket to lollapalooza music festival in Berlin.
  • Win a ticket to Tomorrowland biggest music festival in Berlin.