Coinbase Earn Rally Quiz Answers

Rally Quiz Answer

Earn free $3 RLY tokens from the Coinbase rally quiz answers that are given after in the post. Earn free crypto from Coinbase just by playing the quiz.

Learn about crypto while learning about them. Quiz questions are asked based on Rally. You have to answer Rally quiz questions correctly to be eligible for $3 RLY tokens.

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What is Rally?

Rally is an open network that enables creators to launch vibrant and independent economies with their communities powered by the ethereum blockchain.

It offers anyone with an online community the ability to launch their own coin without the complexity of coding on the ethereum blockchain.

It is a decentralized platform completely governed by the community.

The creators and their communities have unfettered control to use their social tokens across all social platforms.

Learn About Rally And Earn $3 RLY

1) You first have to sign up on Coinbase, click on the link given below.

2) In the dashboard, click on the “For You” tab, it is there on the left side of the panel.

3) Click on View All given at the right side of the panel.

4) Scroll down and click on the “Start Earning” button.

5) Now scroll down to see all quizzes. Take the quiz that is live and click on the start course button.

6) Complete the Coinbase Quiz to earn free cryptos.

Coinbase Earn Rally Quiz Answers

Question 1: What is Rally?

Answer: A decentralized network for launching social tokens

Question 2: Which of these is not a use of RLY?

Answer: Paying Ethereum transaction fees

Question 3: Which of the below is NOT how Val’s fans use ValCoin?

Answer: Buying Bitcoin